The Man Who Saw And Lives In Your Tommorrows

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The Man Who Saw And Lives In Your Tommorrows

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This true crimes thriller chronicles the present writers experiences changing your world,fighting for you and fighting your government crimes syndicates and their intellectual property thieves while living and working in South Africa with South Africa,Nelson Mandela, all the black South African Presidents,their best intellectuals,wives,children, their black apartheid agents and their crime bosses in the US,UK,BRITAIN,FRANCE,VATICAN,CHINA,RUSSIA, our European and United Nations. Book highlights the still ongoing international global crimes involving USA,BRITAIN,FRANCE,GERMANY,EUROPEAN UNION,UNITED NATIONS,NIGERIA,SOUTH AFRICA your lawyers,leaders andahuman rights activists are too compromised to bring to court. This edition published an over half a century civil war document addressed to my biological father before the events surrounding the TEARS OF THE SUN fictional reality film story played by American acting legend Bruce Willis unfolded. Ex US President Barack H Obama's intellectual property stealing and cyber crimes against Menelikcc Ngene popped out in this edition!

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