Angela Fournier - Compromised Interests: Adventure Thriller Series, #3

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Angela Fournier - Compromised Interests: Adventure Thriller Series, #3

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Length: 419 pages6 hours


Angela Fournier and her elite team arrived in French Guiana fresh from the horrific plight of  one of her newest recruits to the peaceful and luxurious yacht, Claire's Sanctuary. They traveled up the coast and headed for Roatan, Honduras to inspect one of Fournier Foundations most recent water installations on the mainland only to be kidnapped by an associate of one of Honduras' most influential cartels—the Valle-Valle Brothers.

Angela managed to fight off her assailants with dire consequence and left to die, but her time was not up yet. Her husband, Jeff Malardo was not so lucky. He was taken to an undisclosed bunker where he met an U.S. Admiral of unique circumstance. Angela and her team, with the help of La Diosa and her small army searched the jungles to combat this injustice and apprehend this murdering Cartel.

A foiled plot of abduction led Angela's team into a world of espionage and corruption from the very governments we have placed in power to protect us.

PATHOS, a multi-trillion dollar corporation is on the move to maintain their collective control of the world's citizens, but can they be stopped?

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