PEOPLE Elizabeth and Philip: A Royal Romance

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PEOPLE Elizabeth and Philip: A Royal Romance

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Celebrate the 70th anniversary of marriage

The marriage of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip has now lasted an astonishing seven decades, and their romance is longer still. Go inside their complicated yet loving relationship in Elizabeth and Philip: A Royal Romance, a beautiful new special edition from the editors of People. This one-of-a-kind volume goes from the pair's first meeting, when Elizabeth was a schoolgirl of 13 and Philip a navy cadet, through their opulent wedding; their parenthood to Princes Charles, Andrew and Edward and Princess Anne; and their diamond years today. The extraordinary relationship-at the heart of Netflix's hit series The Crown-People chronicles with gorgeous photography and powerful, entertaining stories from every stage of their marriage and their lives, both public and private. Readers will find out how Elizabeth learned to balance the roles of wife, mother and queen; how the royal family has celebrated its many good times, including the queen's Jubilee Years, many royal weddings and the births of numerous grandchildren; and persevered through bad times, including the fire that nearly destroyed Buckingham Palace and the death of Princess Diana. Additionally, fans of The Crown will discover where the series precisely captures the past-and where it veers from history. Go inside the lives of the Windsors, and their enduring love, in Elizabeth and Philip: A Royal Romance.
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