Inside the Hearts of Bible Women Teacher's and Advertising Manual: Inside the Hearts of Bible Women, #2

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Inside the Hearts of Bible Women Teacher's and Advertising Manual: Inside the Hearts of Bible Women, #2

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THE SIZE OF AN UNABRIDGED DICTIONARY. This Amazing teacher's and advertising manual is 480 large-sized pages. .The advertising portion provides sample news articles, radio spots, flyers and posters to use as a community outreach if so desired..The teacher's manual portion covers THIRTY-SIX LESSONS (an average of thirteen pages of supporting material for each lesson). It includes everything teachers of both large and small groups need and can be used by both inexperienced and experienced teachers. It has everything you need..The student's book is a retelling of the story as a narrative of twelve Bible women who went through problems that many women still today go through. .Periodically in their reading, endnote-type numbers are inserted, indicating there is a discussion question for them at that point at the end of the chapter..The teacher's manual has THIRTY-SIX LESSONS. It divides each Bible woman into three lessons—the way she was in her normal, how she got into her problem, and her efforts to get out of the problem. So, it will take three weeks to cover one Bible woman..The teacher is provided with (1) Lesson aims; (2) Scripture outline of the story; (3) Today's world along with statistics of how prevalent the problem is; (4) Bible world and how that society reacted to her problem. .Next, the teacher is given suggestions on (a) how to introduce the lesson, (b) background scriptures, (d) possible ways the class may answer each question (c) a good work for the class to do to apply the lesson. Most lessons have visual aids which can be photocopied for handouts or opaque transparencies, enlarged for posters, or copied into PowerPoint..There are suggested schedules for use of this material in a (i) short Bible class setting such as for Sunday morning or Wednesday night, (ii) longer Bible class setting such as during the week, (iii) noon-time class at place of employment, (iv) Saturday ladies day, or (v) ladies retreat.====An audio is available where the author reads the stories. There is a chime to know when to break for discussion questions.   WARNING: The graphs and charts are not formatted in the epub.

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