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This book is truly "The World's Easiest Spanish Course!" You are welcome to search the entire world and find one that is easier. It is a very clear, fast, and simple course! Extremely "user friendly!" And fun too! Ever since I was a very small child in first grade and all the while growing up spending thousands upon thousands of hours in classrooms, I was always wondering in many of my lessons and books, "Why do not they just teach me the simplest and fastest way possible? So I could learn the most!" Textbooks and teachers often referred to our lessons as "being mental exercises!" Well! They were mostly "Mental Confusion!" So this lifetime philosophy or belief led me to the writing of this book so people can learn Spanish the fastest and easiest way possible! This book is designed for anyone who knows absolutely nothing about Spanish or for someone who is very advanced! Yes! For example this book helps me improve my Spanish and I am already a very fluent native speaker! And it is super for all students from grade school (K-12) to university level students to help get them through their courses and make better grades! And helps make their language studies "More Fun!" Also, this book can be used in reverse! Yes! For Spanish speakers to learn English! Subsequent publishings will be geared towards helping Spanish speakers learn English. Again as i Mentioned, this book is great for kids! Both children and their parents can enjoy the playful nature of the book. Like playing word guessing games before bedtime. This book will give you the foundation and cornerstones to making learning Spanish fun, fast, and simple! Make this little book a part of your day and a part of your home for the entire family and everyone will be on their way to learning a new romance language! God bless and best wishes! Sincerely,...g.Tullot
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