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Secrets tells the story of up and coming writer Lorenzo Leroux whose biggest wish and dream aren’t to be rich and famous but to be happy and loved. He hides his pain, scars and secrets under a mask he calls temporary happiness. Lorenzo finds out that the mask he’s been wearing comes with a heavy price. Lorenzo meets and falls in love with Mario, a man whom he thinks came from God. He realizes in the relationship that Mario’s hiding his own secrets along with the people whom he calls his friends. Lorenzo must deal with the lies, deceit, destruction, and drama that it all unfolds. He tries to keep his life together because he fears when the secrets are revealed many lives will be taken or destroyed. He says: Just because someone looks happy on the outside, doesn’t mean they’re happy on the inside. He’s not the only one who wears a mask. Many will die when the masks are taken off and the secrets revealed. Who among his circle of friends and acquaintances has the biggest secret. How will he handle it? What will Lorenzo do to conceal it.
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