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Just like the words are the most important part of a song, the words are the lifeblood of a book. Music is and has been a dynamic force that consistently unites and speaks to us all. Simultaneously it bridges cultural gaps and encourages fun and relaxation. From musicians to celebrities, many have had popular and unpopular political views. Often they say the things, many of us are thinking, or they artistically expound on the things we can not. With that in mind, this book speaks to a person's inner sanctum. Reverberations of factual conclusions with a pinch of humor, yet still thought provoking enough, to delight your mental palette. If you agree with the political messages from great musical artists from Tupac to John Lennon to Bono you will love this masterpiece. Whether you are in the know, or were buried under a rock somewhere. This book has everything in it about mainstream issues, taking place in the U.S. right now. The anonymous voices that are embodied in this book are from people that many could not hear, or did not desire to listen to. The naked truth was the goal set out for in the beginning, the truth about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Social studies about American culture have been done at length before, but never like this, the way the author highlights unfortunate reality and delivers it right to your doorstep. This book was formulated to expose controversial social issues, foster a nation of brotherhood via cultural acceptance, in order to break down century old racial barriers. Ultimately this literary, eye opener should bring humanity closer together, through greater spirituality and heightened awareness. Spread love not war. -Prodigy and Havoc
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