TRANSFORMATION of an individual family community nation and the world
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This book is about transformation of an individual, family, community and the nation. It provide background on how the development and present condition of economy, various denominations, poverty, education, health, form of government, leadership, corruption, greed, gossip, communism, pursuit of happiness and personal development progressed. Benchmark was established for every area of development but not on personal development or relationship to fellowmen and especially to God Almighty. Stupidity of human being is very apparent as recorded on many thousand years past. Romans 7: 15-19 explained why human being will remain slave in committing stupid things for the rest of one's temporary life. With the information age, ignorance is so widespread even in any considered developed countries what more on underdeveloped and developing countries. Being human is not always acceptable to commit the same mistake but will be eliminated if one's mind will be fully developed and pursue the mind to be healthy for healthy mind is the source of attaining stability and happiness in life. New perspective in life will be developed to better and improve oneself that others may be touched and affected in one way or the other thus this book is worth to read and share with others.
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