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About this ebook

The Art School Delinquents is a collection of romantic short stories from Bryant Street Shorts. We recommend starting with "Swallow," the first story in this series, and then reading the rest in order. To find more stories in this series, simply scroll to “Titles In This Series,” located just below this description.

About The Art School Deliquents

The prestigious Hopper School of Visual and Performing Arts is home to an eclectic group of friends and their dirty secrets. Behind the curtain and canvas, the rebellious college seniors push the limits of experimentation in any and every way they can: Drug-fueled fantasies. Sketchy nightclub encounters. Late-night graffiti bombing. They’re the adrenaline junkies your parents were terrified of.
There’s Freddie, the suave trust fund baby gone drama kid bad boy, and Victoria, his equally privileged girlfriend with a keen nose for powders and pills; Tyler, the garage band drummer from the bad part of town turned financial aid music aficionado; Mark, his misfit dorm mate, painter by day, vandal by night; Amanda, the gifted dancer on a full-tuition scholarship with a well-kept secret; and Jo, her introverted photography major roomie and with a soft spot for voyeurism. How bad can it all be, right?

When the doors of the studio art class close at Hopper School of Visual and Performing Arts, Mark trades his charcoal and brushes for spray cans and paint markers. He hits the streets and decks the walls with bold yet critical statements. Tonight, Jo wants to come along to document his course of action on Polaroids. Street after street, shot after shot, Mark and Jo find themselves out of breath and all alone in a dark alley. Just them, instant photos, and an intense rush of dopamine.

About Bryant Street Shorts

Bryant Street Shorts is a new publisher specializing in exciting short-form fiction from talented and emerging writers. We’re passionate about creating immersive works that represent our readers and celebrate what matters to them, which is why our catalog of stories reflects a wide range of experiences and voices.

Many Bryant Street Shorts are collections of stories that follow ensembles of characters across multiple storylines. We suggest reading these stories in order to get the most out of your experience. Simply scroll down to “Titles In This Series,” located just below the description of every Bryant Street Short, to find the stories in their correct order.

To find more short stories and novellas on Scribd, simply search for “Bryant Street Shorts."

Release dateMay 6, 2020
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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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    Spray - Gia Tudoran


    Fuck this shit.

    A thrown paint brush ricocheted off the half-completed canvas, and a paint water cup spilled over a pile of sketches.


    Mark scrambled to salvage the last of the sheets as the murky brown water bled into the pencil drawings. It’s not as if he liked them; they were mundane as hell. Still, he had to turn this stupid homework in to get his course credits. He shook the droplets off the edges of the remaining papers and collapsed back onto his stool with a heavy sigh. One more still-life fuckery assignment, and he was going to lose it.

    Go to fancy-ass Hopper School of Visual and Performing Arts, they said. It will be fun, they said. Bullshit.

    Knock, knock. The snappy sound jolted him out of his surly rumination. Mark headed toward the door of his dorm, mentally preparing for another of Tyler’s coke-infused, midnight polemics. But to his pleasant surprise, it wasn’t his melomaniac roommate — but Jo’s scantily clad

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