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During the summer of 1991 in Philadelphia, Pa., Matthew Montgomery is down on his luck after his adoptive mother (no father) dies. He leaves college and desperately tries to find work, but no jobs seem to be available. He looks in the newspaper for an open position, but discovers Dr. Lexington offers $2,500 to anyone who participates in his trial. Matthew shows interest. He undergoes a new procedure, which Dr. Lexington intends for the improvement of brain disorders. It has side effects, which leads to the development of telepathy, hypnosis, and telekinesis. Dr. Lexington teaches Matthew to control them. Matthew proceeds to assist with teaching another test subject, Norman Lake. Dr. Lexington discloses information on the procedure and its subjects to the media. Matthew angrily confronts Dr. Lexington. He mistakenly attacks Dr. Lexington and retreats to his cousin, Earl Park. Earl helps Matthew out of the state to meet his girlfriend, his former doctor, Dr. Sondra Morgan. The FBI pursues them. They capture Earl, but Matthew remains free. He reunites with Sondra and they free Earl. Afterward, Norman uses telepathy to trick Matthew to return to Philadelphia. He reluctantly fights Norman. He finds himself going back to Philadelphia, where the FBI takes him prisoner. After telepathically convincing Agent York of the FBI, Matthew plots to confront Dr. Lexington, who now has the same abilities. After all of the grueling events, Matthew finally achieves some normalcy.
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