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Despite being charming and overly handsome, Dervan is not the wisest person when love is concerned. while Donnette was falling in love with him, he secretly had an affair with his best friends girl, just so he wouldnt fall too deeply in love with Donnette and just so he would have a rebound if it didn’t work for him and D. He ended up losing his best friend and the secret lover. As the time past and the tears dried, Donnette walked right back in to his arms. She was still deeply in love with him, and after all he was her first and she wanted him to be her last. Donnette was the daughter of a reverent and her family all liked her fianc and completely blessed their engagement. As a result the reverent completely hated Dervan Brown and he despised him being around his daughter. The reverent and his family tried to split the Ds apart, but the two were so deeply in love, they didn’t care what the world would say about them. Their love blossomed over the summer days, but then September came around and Dervan was off to college and she was still in high school. The distance kept them apart, and they grew cold and lonely as the love between them died. In the end Dervans infidelity broke her heart again and she finally left him and crawled back into the welcoming arms of Danny Richmond.
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