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The Only Question You Ever Need Ask

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The Only Question You Ever Need Ask

Length: 51 pages38 minutes


The Only Question You Ever Need Ask is a theological essay in which philosopher Steven Colborne examines what he believes to be the central question of theology — a question which he invites every spiritually minded person to consider.


On Colborne's philosophy blog, Perfect Chaos, a community of deep thinkers have been exploring life's big questions together for nearly a decade. During that time, Colborne has written over 400 articles on theology related questions and has published several critically acclaimed books which present a philosophical perspective that is both unusual and insightful.


Throughout his career, Colborne has continually challenged Christian believers to provide a logical solution to the free will predicament — a predicament which draws into question whether the absolute sovereignty of God can be reconciled with the cherished Christian doctrine of human free will.


In The Only Question You Ever Need Ask, Colborne explores a single question which gets to the very heart of the free will predicament. With reference to the doctrines and Scriptures of Christianity, Colborne presents, explores, and finally answers that question, and the conclusion that the author comes to in the final part of the essay is both provocative and enlightening.


For genuine seekers after Truth, this is a book which should not be ignored.

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