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“My Story” is a refl ection on the events of my life—from my birth in 1926 until mymarriage in 1949, at the age of 23. My experiences in growing up on a poor, hilly farmwithout electricity or inside plumbing during the depression years of the 1930s, then thediffi cult war years of the early 1940s, followed by the growing prosperity after WW II—all helped to shape the kind of person that I wished to become. These events helped meto progressively establish three main goals for my life: Build a meaningful relationshipwith my Creator, get a worthwhile education, and fi nd a “Special Girl” to share my life.In those 23 years, I accomplish two of my goals. The one remaining goal—my fi rst andoldest objective—was still “a work in progress” at the end of “My Story.” My efforts tofi nd an acceptable way of worshipping my God would not be realized until a few moreyears had passed. I had also determined that my “Special Girl” and I would reach thisgoal together. If time allows, I will complete that account in “Our Story—All the Way”in the near future. My initial purpose in writing this account has been to preserve that heritage for my twosons, Steve and Jeff, and for their families . . . If “My Story” proves to be of any interestto others, so much the better. Jim Wahl
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