The purpose of this book is to describe the latest scams going on the Internet today and how to avoid some of these scams which have been going on for years. The book will consist of the different types of scams, by chapters, examples of scams triedsuccessfully on me and others not successful that still continue on the Internet today. The biggest scammers in the past and still today are Nigerians. Russians and Eastern Europeans are not far behind now, and I will also add South Africans. Nigerians have been scamming since the Internet became worldwide. I think all Nigerians have a PhD in psychology and are the number one in scamming techniques which are done in stages for you to keep sending money. Scamming is part of their culture no matter the educational level. There was a front-page column in the Wall Street Journal about Nigerians scamming about twenty years ago. Once in a while you will see a news report of the Nigerian government raiding computer centers “arresting” scammers, trying to improve their world image, but scanning still goes on today, and Nigeria is listed as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. With the technology in copying and printing, documents that can look “very” official. (Be my legal partner.) Be prepared, once you answer a scam, your e-mail address will be passed around.
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