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...Then, like a bolt of lightning I knew what she meant. I too, looked out the windowtrying to imagine how I was going to react when she finally told me about my real father.A man across the road was picking up sticks, and I would like to have gone and helped himat that moment. While we sat in silence, for what seemed like forever, I continued to watchthe man across the road. I thought about my loser father, who probably lived somewherein Illinois, had contacted her andwanted to meet me. I bracedmyself for what I was about tohear, but the words didn’t come.I wanted to scream, “I alreadyknow! Grandma Ruby told mewhen I was six!” I just didn’tknow any details. So, I guessedthat was what I was about tohear. The blood ran hot throughmy veins as I thought, that oldwaste of space can forget about everseeing me! I had not been bitterabout it at all until that moment,I swear, but all of a sudden, thereon that gorgeous spring day, atmy beautiful Manns Chapel, hedecides to invade my life! Hedidn’t deserve to know me. Hedidn’t deserve to see his grandsons.We have a dad and a grandpa,and we didn’t need him.
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