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Tangled in Blues: Nightbreak, #3
Tangled in Blues: Nightbreak, #3
Tangled in Blues: Nightbreak, #3
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Tangled in Blues: Nightbreak, #3

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About this ebook

A heartbroken small-town werewolf... A recovering vampire-groupie... And a bar that attracts all kinds of trouble...


Tony loved another wolf, but since their pack was a little "old fashioned" they made a plan to run away together. Bags packed, gas tank full, destinations outlined on a map, and Tony was the only one to show up to their rendezvous. He knew staying meant being unhappy, so Tony took his broken heart with him. Bouncing west, he ends up in San Francisco where he finds out he's not the only supernatural creature in town. Getting a job at a bar full of those creatures could be the fresh start he's been hoping for, as long as he can keep his vampire boss happy. There's also this one waiter who makes Tony smile and might even be flirting with him... and the only downside is that he used to date their boss.


Tangled in Blues is a stand-alone paranormal romance novella with a central love story and a who-dunnit mystery. It is the third book in the NIGHTBREAK series, which is connected by a shared universe and mythology.

Release dateJul 7, 2020
Tangled in Blues: Nightbreak, #3
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