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Mindfulness Practitioner

Mindfulness Practitioner

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Mindfulness Practitioner

51 pages
35 minutes
Jun 15, 2019


Are you looking to calm the chaos in the mind? Welcome to Mindfulness.


Mindfulness is an ancient spiritual practice. This book will completely change the way you think, act, and decide by using your senses wisely.


If you're the person who's constantly trapped in the grind, you'd notice a state of restlessness within the self. Your mind may move from one difficult thought to another to cause tremendous anxiety. You may even feel dissatisfied with all your achievements. How does one overcome this state?


The 'Mindfulness Practitioner' book by Dr. Paras shares deeper insights on learning what mindfulness is, understanding its application, and knowing how to reap rich rewards from this spiritual practice. This is a powerful book to have if you'd like to tap into your inner resources to improve your life on the professional and personal front. It gives you the techniques to embrace the present moment while raising awareness levels. You embrace ways to manage behaviors that change your responses to stress levels. You also stop being judgmental and accept self and others with great curiosity. Once you integrate all the techniques, you will explore life from a completely new angle.


With the regular practice of Mindfulness, you'll realize its numerous benefits. You can access its complete knowledge without the need to change your faith, religion, culture, or beliefs.


Dr. Paras (Founder at Matrrix, India) is an experienced and certified Mindfulness Practitioner. He is also an ICF and EMCC member who works as a Life Leadership Coach. He has spent more than 16+ years transforming the lives of people. He runs regular Mindfulness Practitioner Certifications and Retreats for those seeking to learn Mindfulness and has numerous awards to his credit. With this book, he explores mindfulness through 5 chapters giving readers deep insights into the world of mindfulness.

Jun 15, 2019

About the author

As a Master Certified Coach (MCC) from ICF and EIA - Master Practitioner (MP) and Assessor from EMCC, I’ve transformed the lives of many through my coaching, training, supervision, and mentoring sessions. My firm belief lies in the mind being the greatest tool and I continue to explore ways to develop one’s capabilities. I consider myself responsible to bring that change in individuals and organizations I partner with, making each one excel at their strengths. It’s the pure passion that drives my success stories in this highly rewarding industry. It’s been a journey of over 15 years, and the challenges have been exciting, pushing me to excel while making the clients I partner with demonstrate the best of their abilities. It gives me immense pleasure to share my learnings through certification programs that are on par with international standards.  Coaching is a wonderful medium through which I get to use the appropriate tools and techniques to touch the lives of people. I’ve enjoyed doing transformational work in the areas of behavioral patterns through programs like ‘Transform Mind Transform Life’, and ‘Mindfulness Self Discover Insight Series’.

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Book Preview

Mindfulness Practitioner - Dr Paras


MINDFULNESS IS SUCH a powerful resource and can be used in every aspect of life. It can improve and enhance an individual’s lifestyle – socially and career-wise and is not difficult to implement once the basic principles are understood. Understanding these principles and how and why mindfulness came to be the success that it is currently will help you to embark upon this positive way of being. Once you understand it, you learn to develop an acceptance in life along with conscious awareness, and together these form powerful elements of change.

It is worth noting that mindfulness is not about having to change, it is more about embracing the present moment, living fully rather than focussing on the past or future but also, about enhancing potential. Sometimes, this means making changes, or gentle adaptations in life. With awareness, you may discover what you really want and be able to capitalize on opportunities that arise in a way that you may not have done previously.

Every topic within this book is relative to your life and how it is possible to enhance it by using mindfulness. Think of this book as being the resource to help you see life in an improved way and how being in  the present moment can help you to identify areas that need to be enhanced. By utilising mindfulness and making it a part of your daily life, the benefits will be experienced very quickly.

Chapter One

What is Mindfulness?


MINDFULNESS, IT IS a simple word and yet, it explains everything about this gentle, natural way of life. Simply, it requires your mind to be fully engaged with all that is happening at this precise time, as an example, for reading this book. The mind has a habit of wandering randomly and with mindfulness, you simply bring it back to the present without judgement. It is the moment of full concentration, of being absorbed and experiencing the senses fully. It is about the space you are moving through.

Mindfulness is not a gimmick. It is not trivial. It is the opposite; it is incredibly powerful. Because of the complexities of life, it is all too easy to become overwhelmed and to respond to stressful situations in a way that harms the outcome. Think of a time when you may have been caught off-guard and responded angrily or unprofessionally, regretting words the moment they were said. With mindfulness, there is segregation between the mind and being able to choose the right response.

The mind flits from one place to the next engrossed in a never-ending stream of thoughts. One  moment, it can be caught up in the complexities of the past and the next moment, be embroiled in the possibilities of the future. Your mind is very powerful, but it can work against you as well as working for you. At times, you may become obsessed with

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