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On Becoming a Counselor: 24 Secrets Revealed
On Becoming a Counselor: 24 Secrets Revealed
On Becoming a Counselor: 24 Secrets Revealed
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On Becoming a Counselor: 24 Secrets Revealed

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About this ebook

Are you a practicing counselor? Or are you aiming to be one? You are about to get 24 secrets that will help you ace your counseling skills.

'On Becoming a Counselor' by Dr. Paras goes into the depths of counseling while explaining Dr. Paras' well-kept secrets now revealed in an easy-to-read format. This book acts as a handy guide to elevate your studies in an exciting and rewarding field. If you particularly love to guide and motivate people, it acts as a complete resource that provides a strong framework with a roadmap to master one's counseling skills.

Counseling skills are best mastered by deepening the practice. With this book, you learn the History of Counseling as a career while understanding details about an Informed Consent in the counseling process. The book explores many practices in 24 detailed chapters that act as a guiding light for all professionals. The purpose of counseling is to work towards improving people's lives and build their mental strength to resolve problems. A professional counselor and ICF and EMCC certified coach, Dr. Paras shares his expertise gathered over 16+ years of professional practice. This makes it a must-have in your reading list.

Coach Dr. Paras (Founder at Matrrix, India) is a professional with international awards and certifications to his credit. He works with his clients in India and abroad, striving to improve the lives of all through his sessions, books, blogs, podcasts, and more. His works have also appeared in prominent publications. He holds a vision to rebuild lives through the power of his coaching and counseling skills. Through this book, he aspires to reach maximum counselors to work towards his vision.

Release dateJun 20, 2020
On Becoming a Counselor: 24 Secrets Revealed
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Dr Paras

As a Master Certified Coach (MCC) from ICF and EIA - Master Practitioner (MP) and Assessor from EMCC, I’ve transformed the lives of many through my coaching, training, supervision, and mentoring sessions. My firm belief lies in the mind being the greatest tool and I continue to explore ways to develop one’s capabilities. I consider myself responsible to bring that change in individuals and organizations I partner with, making each one excel at their strengths. It’s the pure passion that drives my success stories in this highly rewarding industry. It’s been a journey of over 15 years, and the challenges have been exciting, pushing me to excel while making the clients I partner with demonstrate the best of their abilities. It gives me immense pleasure to share my learnings through certification programs that are on par with international standards.  Coaching is a wonderful medium through which I get to use the appropriate tools and techniques to touch the lives of people. I’ve enjoyed doing transformational work in the areas of behavioral patterns through programs like ‘Transform Mind Transform Life’, and ‘Mindfulness Self Discover Insight Series’.

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    Book preview

    On Becoming a Counselor - Dr Paras

    Importance of Counseling  Skills

    "Accept corrections and you’ll improve and


    - Israelmore Ayivor

    Counseling is a process. In psychology, counseling works in different domains of life. Sometimes, counseling is sought to seek support, other times the release of emotional burden and stressors. The purpose of counseling intends to improve human beings’ daily life functioning.

    The areas that are targeted in  counseling may be one of the following: relationships, work- life, health conditions management, academic performance issues, etc. The counseling ranges from peoples’ problems on a minor level to resolving major challenges. This includes (but is not limited to) low mood, issues with time management, handling pain, getting rid of grief, overcoming an accident injury, etc.

    Being a trained counseling expert is a role that is not only limited to dealing with the clinical population diagnosed with one or more diseases and disorders. The experts in the field offer supervised training to those who are interested in working as a counselor.

    1. History of Counseling as a Career: Why it Matters?


    "Development is not about learning how to counsel

    but about becoming the kind of person who can


    - Dave Mearns

    Since human beings  came  into  existence, the individuals, families, and communities are striving to reach innovative ideas that might end their suffering and push them out of their difficult situations. Counseling as a reciprocal phenomenon originated to cater to the services wherever social life is breathing. The universe is itself social and the interaction is carried out all the time between all those who are part of this whole. From generation to generations, the habit of sharing problems and attaining advice is the value of social groups.

    This is similar to feeding the survival of each other. Human beings are known as social animals. This means they do need certain socialization, support, help, advice, and guidance to live a healthy life. Overall, counseling is one of the lifestyles that binds human beings’ body, mind, and soul into integrity. This is not only associated with someone’s mental health but the way of living, way of thinking, way of feeling, way of acting, and way of believing. The very first element of the human entity that becomes flexible and changes during the counseling process is the belief system.

    Philosophers who gave birth to  the  subject of psychology were well aware of the importance of skills that saves humanity from self-destructive thoughts. Plato and Socrates brought up the habit of questioning for clarity of the human mind and awareness. This founded the prevention of health issues (physical and mental) and the promotion of a healthy life.

    Nearly 70 years ago from today, when the industrial revolution arose, modern world physicians enhanced the utility of spreading education about psychiatric illnesses and their treatment experts. Then, the practice of healing shifted from spiritual healers to researchers and medical practitioners  for the welfare of human beings. The development of mental asylums, hospitals, and other public care services was seen. Today, millions of adults, children, teens, and the elderly have experienced a mental health issue worldwide.

    The knowledge has flown to the legal and criminal justice systems, improving the effectiveness of almost all professionals regardless of the field they are working in.

    Examples are seen in the need for counseling among doctors, students, teachers, fire busters, businessmen, social workers, diagnostic facilities, and other medical health providers/centers. One of the most common problems we can name among all peoplewhoneedcounselingis‘burnoutmanagement’. This elaborates the scope of counseling as a career choice for someone who has accumulated a lot of compassion, courage, and motivation.

    Interested in diving deep into a highly rewarding career of a counselor? Hone your skills with the knowledge in this book and become a counselor

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