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Many poets and writers like to classify their work in terms of periods or stages in their lives such as adolescence or old ages. Others like to sort out their poems and fiction in terms of themes. There could be a hundred and one classifications for works of art. This book divides the poems into 2 sections: poems written during the day and those that were written after midnight. The classification is meant to be intriguing as it sheds many spotlights on the internal conflicts that poets face during the day and express them right after; or rather keep the feelings inside until they are released late at night. At the beginning, I considered calling the book Fighting with Aphrodite all day, Dancing with the Muse all Night but I found out that Aphrodite was nothing but many learning experiences that lead to the maturity of writing. Then, I decided to change the title of the book to highlight not the struggle but the reward: the eternal dance with the Muse.
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