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Nerd World
Nerd World
Nerd World
Ebook295 pages3 hours

Nerd World

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Paul Liston shouldn't be in this much trouble. Seventeen years old, 4.0 GPA, and it's trivia season. For the two weeks surrounding his school's Trivia Master competition, the rules change. The geeks inherit the earth. Knowledge becomes power.
But it's not such a friendly little game. With the balance shifted, the knives come out among the nerd set. Sabotage, deception, betrayal - nothing is off the table in the scramble to the top. And Paul, king of the whiz kids and everyone's target, knows this more than most. His best friend wants to use him. His vengeance-obsessed rival is gunning for him. And even his "one true love" is ready to toss him off the mountain.
Paul never wanted this war, but with his enemies multiplying daily, his only hope might be to sink into the gutter with them.

Release dateJul 27, 2020
Nerd World
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Andrew Johnston

Andrew Johnston (1968-20008) was a dedicated egalitarian and citizen of the world, as well as being brilliantly knowledgeable critic. His career was a brief, but distinguished, and he continues to be well remembered in his field. This volume contains selection of Andrew's many reviews and attempts to convey a sense in his style and writing as a critic and also indication of Andrew as exceptional person he was.

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