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She's Obsessed
She's Obsessed
She's Obsessed
Ebook205 pages3 hours

She's Obsessed

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

In the suburbs of Chicago, Jayceon and Leah were all set to start their new lives together as husband and wife. In Jace, Leah thought she had married the perfect man until she accidentally stumbles across his deleted secret that quickly turns her sanity, and their marriage, upside down.


The night before Jayceon marries Leah, he hits the record button on his iPhone when the curvaceous dancer—Jessica Fox—from his bachelor party makes her way back to his hotel suite. Soon after, the nasty recorded mistake comes back to haunt Jace, and the stripper, in the worst way possible.


The life Leah planned with Jace rapidly spins out of control when she becomes obsessed with the X-rated video, and the girl in it. Leah will do whatever it takes to right her new husbands wrong, even if it means getting rid of Jessica Fox for good . . .

Release dateJul 31, 2020
She's Obsessed
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Nick Haskins

Nick Haskins is the author of My Husband's Wife, Betrayed, She's Obsessed, Dark Waters (Vella), and his latest crime fiction novel dropping summer of 2022. Nick was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio where he currently resides. After years of aspiring to become a professional screenwriter, he began to shape his creative dreams and released his first African American fiction book, On the Edge of Heat, in 2011. Nick has been actively working on building his catalog of work, and readership, with plans to become a full-time writer. Readers can visit Nick's website at www.nickhaskinsbooks.com, email him at nickhaskinsbooks@gmail, or follow him on social media @iamnickhaskins

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    Book preview

    She's Obsessed - Nick Haskins

    She’s Obsessed


    Nick Haskins

    ²Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, ³because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. ⁴Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. ⁵If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.



    She’s Obsessed is dedicated to anyone who has ever read my books. It is a dream come true for me to be able to share my work with you. Thank you all for supporting me!

    Thank you, Mommy (Ollie M. Haskins), for loving me unconditionally and for allll that you do for me!




    Every guy seated around the large circle watched in awe while the dancer did what she did best. The dudes standing in the back bobbed their heads as their mouths swung open like starving greyhounds, their eyes bucked as if they’d just seen the face of God. As the exotic dancer performed all her special high-priced tricks, she had her audience captivated. The Miami bread dancer will earn the bands she’ll walk away with tonight.

    Each spectator observed her moves with more than their eyes as Jessica Fox made her way up and down the shiny silver pole mounted in the middle of the room. She clapped her ass in their faces, tits bouncing to the beat. The bachelor party erupted when she flipped upside down and sprang her legs wide for her famous helicopter move. She was in rare form, knowing she had every pair of eyes in the place on her voluptuous body.

    She rounded her ass to the music as Drake and Future’s Life Is Good blared through the hotel suite. The dollar bills being shoved down her skimpy bikini top quickly turned into fifties, right after the twenties, and Hennessey started to flow.

    Her hips asked every man watching, You want it, don’t you? with their lips being too busy cheering her on to answer.

    Damn, Jace, she sexy as fuck! Look at her up there...

    He only heard every other word his best man spoke; Jace’s eyes, ears, and every other part of his body were focused on the sight prancing in front of him.

    Jayceon McCall is tall, 6-foot-3 1/2, to be exact. One hundred sixty-five pounds, light almond skin, nice masculine chiseled features, neat taper, full beard, straight teeth, muscular body, and tatted. He’s the lucky groom walking down the aisle in less than twenty-four hours to recite his nuptials to his loving fiancée, Leah Sheppard.

    Jayceon and Leah met one Sunday afternoon after Easter Sunday service. In their short conversation, they quickly realized they had a lot in common, starting with the fact that neither of them could remember the last time they attended church.

    Jace could tell from how Leah looked up at him when they first met that she was digging him, so he wasn’t about to let her leave without first getting her number.

    "Why don’t you let me get your number? Lemme take you out or somethin’."

    As Leah tapped her number into Jace’s phone, he eyed her closely, thinking she’s just right

    By the time Leah’s mother and Jayceon’s grandmother said their goodbyes, the two seemed already inseparable. Three years later, Leah happily accepted Jayceon’s proposal and the 2 ½ carat diamond he slipped on her finger.

    Devon chipped his teeth when he asked, Why she keep lookin’ over here at you like that? as the dancer kept her gaze fixed on Jace.

    Jayceon’s smile spread from one side of his face to the other as he sat there in a white t-shirt with Mr. Groom printed across the front Leah’s mother insisted he wears. He said, You’ll have to ask her that, bro, enjoying all the extra attention the dancer gave him.

    You pretty muthafuckas ain’t shit, man. Jace’s inebriated groomsman Devon – A short, stocky-built, brown skin dude – sat to the right of him, ignoring the fact that he’s already had too much to drink, too much to smoke, and way too much Jessica Fox.

    Damn, look at those titties. And she got some thick thighs and a fat ass? Man, I need some of that right now.

    Suddenly, Devon’s excited, drunk mind had him up out of his seat, heading right for the main attraction. When he reached out for Jessica Fox, she swiftly pulled away from him as if his palms were on fire. He didn’t follow the no touch rule, nor did the two big black guys who ran to her aide.

    As soon as Devon gave the dancer the instructed fifty feet, the party, the partygoers, and Jessica Fox geared up for round two. She returned with new tricks and dips, driving all the men crazy!

    Once the floor show was finished, Jace walked over to where the dancer’s bodyguards placed Devon. He asked, You good? before taking a sip of the liquor in his glass.

    I’m good, bro; I ain’t on that stuck-up bitch. She ain’t shit but a dirty-ass stripper from the burbs anyway. And why the fuck is she comin’ over here? Devon’s sore shoulders tensed up. Her and her fake goons want some more of what I gave ‘em earlier?! An embarrassed Devon spat venom as the dancer made her way through the mini crowd.

    Congratulations, Mr. Groom. Even with the blare of the baseline, her voice was soft and sweet.

    Thanks a lot...I appreciate that, said Jace, with instant sexual chemistry sparking between the two.

    Jessica Fox never even acknowledged Devon standing next to Jace. She disregarded him and his mean mug. To her, he was a non-mutha fuckin’ factor.

    Well, I’m out of here, but I wanted to say goodbye first. Her pouty lips said, Enjoy your night, Mr. Groom, before she turned to walk away.

    Yeah, I’ll try...

    Snap, snap, snap. Damn boy, she got you like that? You in a goddamn trance. Devon snapped his fingers, trying to regain Jayceon’s attention after Jessica Fox walked off with it. You still here with us, bro, or are you headin’ out with the dirty dancer? And what was all that extra about? Devon mocked, ‘Enjoy your night, Mr. Groom.’ ‘Oh yeah, I’ll try.’ Man, who you supposed to be? Standin’ there with ya mouth wide-open.

    Man, Devon, shut yo ass up! You just mad her security was about to throw you outta here earlier.

    "Fuck her and them big ugly, old-school gangsters! I wasn’t causing no harm; I just wanted to see what she was throwin’ up close. She said she a entertainer, so entertain me, goddamn it..."

    Three Hours Later . . .

    Oh, what a night, thought Jayceon as his toes curled. The liquor was flowing, the illegal party favors were being passed about, and now the sexiest stripper in Chicago was riding his ten-and-a-half-inch dick just like he liked it: balls deep.

    Jayceon wanted the dancer in the nastiest way, and she knew it. Keep in mind that he’s still all set to marry Leah in a few hours, but not before he blew Jessica Fox’s back out.

    He caressed her curvaceous body when he tossed her over, leaving his handprints on her cocoa-colored skin. Then, when he slid back inside her walls, he flapped around in her gushy pussy as she released wails of lust into the moist air.

    Jessica Fox threw her ass back to receive all of what Jace was giving, creaming down his shaft as he squeezed her hips. He buried his dick deeper, enjoying every minute spent inside the stripper. He was taking full advantage of his last night of freedom, and what better way to do it than to bone a bad bitch with a big fat ass like Nicki Minaj. However, after he busted inside the magnum, he’ll dismiss the dancer for the final time tonight. Jace planned to forget about Jessica Fox and return to his everyday life as if sex with the stripper never happened, except his iPhone was recording their every dirty move...



    Leah, if your damn nervous fiancé texts me one more time, me, him, and you are going to have a problem today.

    Girl, what he want now?

    He wants me to ask you if you remember where he left his watch because apparently, it wouldn’t only be bad luck for him to see you before the wedding, but I guess he can’t text you either. That’s the only explanation he better have for texin’ me a hundred and fifty times.

    Leah’s best friend and matron of honor, Trina Hamilton – basic chick: thin, 5’7, dark skin, long weave – were in an upscale salon off Lakeshore Drive getting ready for Leah and Jayceon’s wedding in a few hours. So far, everything was in place. The church was beautifully decorated, the fresh rose petals were all set to be thrown by the pretty little flower girls dressed in pink, and Leah’s twenty-four-inch sew-in was cut and curled exactly how she envisioned it would be.

    The esthetician said, keep your eyes closed, please, as she carefully applied Leah’s hybrid lash extensions.

    Trina, text Jace back and tell him to check on top of the sink in the downstairs bathroom.

    Trina rolled her eyes. Girl...

    Leah is a thirty-year-old sales agent working in her mother’s privately owned real estate firm. When her parents divorced, she and her mom moved to Chicago’s Northside from Columbus, Ohio in route of a new start that didn’t include the man that tore their family apart: her father. Leah’s dad seemed to set up residence at every other address around town besides theirs. Feeling her daddy’s abandonment from the womb messed Leah up more than she’ll ever admit to anyone, including herself. Her mother still hadn’t realized the outrageously priced meaningless counseling sessions were no help since Leah was so high most of the time that she didn’t hear a word the quacks spoke. With her mom working ninety hours per week – and her dad still out making babies in every zip code – cocaine, and the little yellow happy face pill, had become the only therapist and parent she depended on.

    Being an only child, Leah had become a loner. Other than Trina, she didn’t have girlfriends...or boyfriends for that matter. She never trusted anyone long enough to get close, but she handled Jayceon a little differently for some reason. It could be because it was lust at first sight for Leah. Her panties started to stick to her wet pussy lips, just watching how the words fell from his mouth. She thought he was so sexy, with a lot of swag. Leah was into Jayceon from the start but didn’t take anything he said to heart; they were just having fun, getting to know each other, and sexing like jackrabbits. Back then, she believed she and Jace’s good times weren’t too much more than just that. Her daddy had indirectly taught her long ago that just because you let a man fuck you in every hole won’t make him love you, so she didn’t take any of what Jayceon was giving serious until he did. Once he broke down the many layers of compacted concrete that surrounded her fragile heart, Leah opened herself up to the idea that she was better than her mother’s sad song or her father’s sickening lifestyle. 

    Despite all the years of problems and turmoil with her parents, failed relationships, and drug abuse, Leah now lived a life she could be comfortable in. She’s in love, has a big bank account, and keeps the rage from her childhood controlled the only way she knows how. Her motto is a blunt a day will keep the shrinks away that were still trying to get into her head – per her mother’s checkbook – to solve her problems at two hundred fifty dollars per hour.

    Leah is a beautiful light-skinned female – the pretty redbone type. She stands 5-foot-3 inches and weighs one hundred thirty-seven pounds. She has perky c-cups, a little waist, and a nice juicy booty. With a BA degree from Ohio State, Leah is sexy and smart, so finding a man was never her problem; keeping one, on the other hand, was a different story. That is until she fell for Jayceon. He showed her a new way of life, teaching her what love was really all about. After taking her time to learn the man she was falling in love with, Leah quickly discovered she had a good dude that would never hurt her in any of the ways she watched her father hurt her mother time and time again. She trusted Jace, allowing him to do his own thing without keeping the leash too tight. She did, however, warn him enough times for him to know, "Don’t come back home smelling like another bitch; and keep your hoes off my phone, out of my inbox, and off your Instagram pic comments, and we’ll be just fine."

    Leah accepted the fact that all men cheat; the way she figured, it was in their nature and their dick heads, so she let Jayceon do him; she just better never, ever find out about it...

    Once her lashes were finished, Trina said, Leah, you look so pretty; I think you’re ready. Trina and Leah both admired Leah’s freshly beat face and the Brazilian hair that flowed to the center of her back.

    You’re right, T. I think I am ready. Leah gave herself one last look before she stood up, ready to leave the salon and go marry her man. 



    One Month Later . . .


    Today 6:08 PM

    sup bro u at the spot?


    aight im bout to come that way



    Jayceon whipped through the rundown side of Chicago with the blast of his music drowning out all the shit going on inside his head. He had to talk to someone, and since all his sensible, more logical friends were either busy, ignoring his text messages, or both, Devon would just have to do.

    When he pulled up in front of Devon’s apartment building, he shut off his engine and just sat there. He looked down at the black diamond band circling his finger before looking up and staring out the windshield at the brink, twenty-story building in front of him. Everything was cool between him and Leah; Jace’s guilt was messing with him.

    He thought I’m trippin’ as he got out.

    He pressed the number 5 from the panel of numbers at the security door and waited for Devon to buzz him in. He stood outside the neglected building with his blue work pants sagging off his ass. Jace is a FedEx delivery driver coming off a double shift, now ready to chill for the next ten hours before he has to get up and do it all over again. He’s somebody’s husband now, so he grinded his grind even harder.

    Who is it?

    It’s Jace.

    When he heard the loud buzz, Jace went inside and headed up the stairs.


    Sup, bro. Devon was sitting on the couch, unknotting a small plastic bag. You cool, man? You look and smell like you got a lot on yo mind. Devon laughed, still trying

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