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Torn Hope

Torn Hope

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Torn Hope

105 pages
1 hour
Aug 11, 2020


In her father's magical crystal-and-steel palace, ensconced in a beautiful tower, Lana dreams of adventure and romance, and admires the handsome man who drives past her window every week.


She never dreamed he'd climb the tower to meet her or that he would demand a kiss. Suddenly she's living her dream, having an adventure, only to find that the exciting and dangerous man she's falling in love with is a vampire.

Aug 11, 2020

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Torn Hope - Marie Dry

Table of Contents

Blood Torn

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

In her father’s magical crystal-and-steel palace, ensconced in a beautiful tower, Lana dreams of adventure and romance, and admires the handsome man who drives past her window every week.

She never dreamed he’d climb the tower to meet her or that he would demand a kiss. Suddenly she’s living her dream, having an adventure, only to find that the exciting and dangerous man she’s falling in love with is a vampire.

Torn Hope

Marie Dry


Copyright © 2020 by Marie Dry

Cover Design by Dar Albert

All Rights Reserved


No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author and publisher, except in the case of brief quotations used in a book review. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Chapter One

Lana, daughter of Simon The Magnificent, took a slow, careful step to descend the stairs. Her evening slippers had precious gems sewn on, but they paled in comparison to the grace and majesty of the crystal palace. She never tired of touching and enjoying the beauty of the staircase she descended so carefully. It had wide, crystal steps and an ornate, silver railing. Silver fairies and exotic flowers curled around strange animals fashioned from crystal. As a child she’d spend hours sitting on the steps, always finding some new wonder in the intricately made bannister.

It was speculated that the crystal palace was built by the Elveans, who legend says, boarded a ship and set off to find a lost continent. Never to be seen again. So many centuries ago, most scholars doubted it was anything but folk tales. Lana liked to think her home was built by some ancient mystical race that knew that one day her father would need a seat of power. That they somehow knew, all those centuries ago, he’d have seven daughters who would appreciate the palace they built. Fanciful thinking, but the history of her home had always fascinated her.

Ruler of the biggest human-walled city, Atlantia, her father was as close to being a king as a human could ever be. Atlantia was one of seventy walled cities around the world. It was the biggest human city and because of the statesmanship of Simon The Magnificent, also the most powerful.

Lana took another careful step down while she held on to the bannister for dear life. One step at a time and you can accomplish anything, she reminded herself.

Hi, need an arm coming down?

Lana stopped again and looked down at her oldest sister. Serena stood at the bottom of the stairs, her long, brown hair loose around her shoulders. All Simon’s daughters had inherited his brown hair, but Serena’s had developed vibrant gold streaks when she turned sixteen. She was beautiful and as Lana stood looking at her, Serena’s brown-and-gold hair drifted upward, crackling with the power that inhabited her body.

No, thanks, I’m fine. Lana kept her grip on the banister and took another slow step down. Years ago, Serena had married a wolf shifter, but she had returned home two months ago when her husband had died. Lana was almost blinded by the power coming off her sister. Serena literally glowed. Your powers have increased. When Serena had left, she’d had powers, but nothing like this.

Serena shrugged. Her sister never talked about her strange abilities and she kept quiet now. The vampires and other species regularly produced people with amazing powers or powerful witches. Among humans it was unheard of. Lana knew Serena sometimes felt like a freak. Serena’s brown eyes sparkled and she smiled. A big, natural smile that relaxed Lana’s shoulders. They were half sisters, shared a father, but Serena had been mother, sister, and best friend to her from the time Lana was a chubby toddler.

You’re going to meet someone, Serena said in an overdramatic voice, her eyebrows wiggling. She had a way of knowing things that was truly spooky. But she wiggled her eyebrows wickedly and Lana laughed, unable to take her seriously.

Oh, please, you sound like a carnival fortune-teller. I suppose he is tall and handsome?

All I will say is that he is big and dark and handsome, Serena said, her laugh like an evil cackle.

Lana rolled her eyes. Stop doing that witches’ cackle. It’s disturbing.

Serena’s smile widened. Don’t you want to know more about the man in your future?

Yeah sure, she was going to meet a handsome stranger, a man who would defy Simon The Magnificent, a man brave enough to court one of his daughters. She fluttered her lashes and played along. Ooh, tell me more, I’m trembling with anticipation.

You will meet him soon. Serena did that disturbing cackle again. He’s going to make you fall on your ass.

Lana resisted the urge to rub her butt. She motioned to the door leading to the formal dining room. Sounds painful. Let’s go in; you know father doesn’t like us to be late.

They entered and went to sit at the same places where they’d sat since the first time they were old enough to join Simon at the big crystal table. The table had expanded magically as his daughters were born.

Serena had only tried to raise her spirits, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to meet a dangerous stranger? To meet secretly and make hot, passionate love. A shiver tickled deliciously down her spine. She reluctantly pushed that thought aside and focused on her sisters.

Good evening, my good sisters, she said and curtsied, spreading the filmy material of her short skirt wide before taking a seat.

All of them groaned.

Her third eldest sister, Desdemona, was seated already, a scowl on her face. She was the shortest and frailest built of them, but she had the tenacity of a bulldog. Please stop doing that. We are not the Healer Witch Angel and her seven daughters. I wish father had never bought you that book.

It had been a gift on her tenth birthday. She’d wanted to read it for months, but couldn’t find a copy. It told of the adventures of an angel, who become a healer witch late in life, and her daughters.

You just don’t have cultured taste, she said and lifted her nose at them.

All her sisters snorted.

Cultured reading is the collected works of Steph Zukov Bjornson on the formation of the continents, Delilah said piously, but her eyes sparkled.

No, it’s not, Lana told her. It sounded dead boring to her.

Is father joining us? she asked Desdemona.

Yes, though he said he’d be late. She smiled mischievously. Something to do with that angel wanting to marry one of us.

Serena and Lana burst out laughing. She’d met Damian and she doubted very much he wanted to marry one of them. No, he just wanted to irritate her father, whose overprotective attitude when it came to his daughters was legendary.

I hope he’s not too late, I’m starving, Desdemona said. For such a small person she could pack away an amazing amount of food.

Be glad you don’t have to wear a long dress and a tiara that gives you a killer headache, and gloves that makes it impossible to use the silver, Serena said. I loved my mom, but she made me dress like that every night. I’ll be forever grateful to your mom for making these changes.

Simon had become a stern stranger after the death of his first wife. According to Serena he’d met Arabella, his second wife and everything had changed. She’d brought laughter and life back to the palace.

When Lana was little, Serena had told her about those happy times. Then Arabella had died and for a time Simon had become quiet and withdrawn. He’d met and married Lana’s mother, but though Serena never said it, Lana had inferred that her mother didn’t bring the same joy as Arabella. After a few years, she’d broken all their hearts.

Desdemona, why are you scowling at the table? Her sister seemed oblivious to the conversation going on around her.

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