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‘Insulin-dependent?...’In addition to the introduction to Functional Insulin Treatment forphysicians (K. Howorka, Springer Publishers Berlin), this bookpresents guidelines for people with diabetes to treat their conditionusing Functional Insulin Treatment.Only after meticulous reading of this manual does it become clear,how many already well-known facts and other things that have neverbeen heard of before, have been put here together in amethodological whole. Contradictions that you may have experiencedpersonally suddenly become strikingly clear in this context. After ashort self-testing period with FIT, the fear of completely inexplicableblips in your blood glucose is overcome, and you can feel selfassured,since you know the causes and provide solutions. FIT is themost modern and effective method to facilitate the control of insulinrequiring diabetes. With FIT, sometimes you do not even have toknow the basics on how to multiply. Philosophies and esotericrecommendations are replaced by a couple of numbers with whichyou can calculate.Although the problems remain the same, FIT offers you an intelligentand practical possibility of solving them by summarizing all of thetreatment possibilities available today.W.D., after 48 years with diabetesDiabetesFIT is a registered trademark for Functional InsulinTreatment, related media and education.“...only with Dr. Howorka’s FIT therapyI was able to ascend the MountEverest, the highest mountain of theworld and to fulfill the dream of mylife...”Geri Winkler. Extreme sportsman andteacher with diabetes,
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