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Redgauntlet I
Redgauntlet I
Redgauntlet I
Ebook220 pages3 hours

Redgauntlet I

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About this ebook

In this first volume of Sir Walter Scott's famous historical novel "Redgauntlet" you will meet Darsie Latimer and Alan Fairford, two very good friends who have grown up together. Darsie must not set foot in England until he is 25 because of his background, which he knows almost nothing about. While he discovers more about his past, Darsie is brought into conspiracy and his life is endangered. Will Alan manage to warn his friend on time? Will they meet someone who can throw light over Darsie's past? The story continues and becomes more tangled in the second volume of this book.-
PublisherSAGA Egmont
Release dateOct 5, 2020
Redgauntlet I
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Walter Scott

Sir Walter Scott was born in Scotland in 1771 and achieved international fame with his work. In 1813 he was offered the position of Poet Laureate, but turned it down. Scott mainly wrote poetry before trying his hand at novels. His first novel, Waverley, was published anonymously, as were many novels that he wrote later, despite the fact that his identity became widely known.

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