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The causes of domestic, national and international turmoil are wide and varied, but law plays an important role in resolving these conflicts.The role that jurisprudence plays in various societies is often misunderstood. Author Tunji Braithwaite, a longtime lawyer who has spent much of his career in Nigeria, demonstrates how theological laws, astronomy, and astrology affect secular laws. He also explains the differences between justice and law and examines the development of various legal doctrines.The Jurisprudence of the Living Oracles explores many concepts, includingthe higher law that governs human society, regardless of boundaries;the Everlasting Oracle, which judges everything and everybody;methods by which justice may be achieved in a world regulated by laws;the flexibility and inflexibility of the law of God;the sources of God’s laws;A useful guide for judges and legal practitioners alike, this scholarly examination also aims to generate discussions among scientists and members of various religions. Join Dr. Braithwaite as he connects religion with law and justice and seeks to help everyone avoid unpardonable errors through The Jurisprudence of the Living Oracles.
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