Heal Our Nation, Save Our World presents a series of opinion pieces attempting to fi nd answers from the past, to correct mistakes of the present, and to forge a positive path to the future. The one thing that used to be constant in people’s lives for centuries, centuries is fading away. This one thing is faith in G-d (God). If you are Jewish, the year is 5771. For countless centuries, Jews have believed in G-d. For Christians, the year is 2010, and for centuries they have believed in God. In Heal Our Nations, Save Our World, the author offers his opinions on a wide variety of topics, including health care, education, teenagers, sports, and the missteps that the government has made. The future of our country has never been more at stake.Read the truth about what is really happening to our country and world.Read about religion, politics, and the Founding Fathers.Read about the true heroes in our society.Read about what needs to happen to our society.Read and learn and stop being apathetic.Wake up, America!
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