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Millions of people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease, other forms of dementia, and various debilitating long-term illnesses. These ailments profoundly affect relatives and friends, and there is no manual that tells you how to be a caregiver and to cope with these illnesses. In Alzheimer’s Caregiving, author Richard J. Farrell presents a review of the lessons he learned during the fifteen years he spent caring for his wife, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. These lessons will help you to “live in the day” when your loved one deteriorates physically, mentally, and emotionally. It will also help you to recognize signs and seek qualified medical help; get educated and understand the disease’s progression; acknowledge your loved one is changing and is not the same person you knew; adapt to who they are and who they will become; rely on a circle of family and friends; stay vigilant; acknowledge stress, depression, and changes that will overtake you if not handled properly; never stop learning. The information presented in Alzheimer’s Caregiving shows you how to face tough decisions and helps you build and maintain a balanced outlook while caring for your loved one.
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