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When a timid and distraught woman in her early twenties first comes to visit psychiatrist Clarence Evans, he notices a profound sadness in her eyes. But after Jasmine Kinkade claims to have been abducted by extraterrestrials and reveals she is in contact with an extra-dimensional intelligence she calls Ashtar, Dr. Evans attempts to persuade her otherwise. Convinced beyond a doubt that Ashtar is an alternate personality, Dr. Evans is about to receive the biggest surprise of his career. When Jasmine begins to display unexplainable telekinetic phenomenon, Dr. Evans seeks assistance from a specialized group of doctors. Together with the doctors’ help, Jasmine discovers she is an extraterrestrial from a race that created human beings based on their own DNA. After Jasmine and Dr. Evans are contacted by extraterrestrials to help prepare for upcoming changes on earth, they and the rest of the human race must take on the global transformations conducted by the highly intelligent and malevolent race of planetary rulers. But Jasmine, Dr. Evans, and the rest of the human race have no idea that the extraterrestrials are about to reveal a secret that will change the course of their future—forever.
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ISBN: 9781450277136
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