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Elsie (Elizabeth) Hannaford wrote her book Vision of Canada 2020 – Save Canadian Medicare and Money with great passion and compassion. Passion for a contented and happy life for all the people of the Earth and compassion for those most in need of what sustains life, namely, nutrition and health care. The book also deals with a variety of important topics: Where does Canada’s future lay? Why Canada needs a huge increase in its population? How to achieve economic prosperity for all? Why Canada should build bridges with China and India to make this great nation the envy of the rest of the world? How Alberta’s tar sands pollute its waters, hurt the wildlife of the region, and debase the overall environment? How Canada can solve some of the chronic problems that plague its health care system? Banning of all the nuclear weapons of the world, and How, oh how, Stephen Harper can have his long sought but long alluded Conservative majority Parliament. In addition, the author pays tribute to the contributions of institutions such as the University of Saskatchewan as well as to some of the great men and women of our modern world: Mohandas K. Gandhi for his non-violent struggle for the independence of India, Jimmy Carter for his peace making between Egypt and Israel, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet for their munificence, Oprah Winfrey and the Canadian diva Celine Dion...even to the Three Stooges for bringing laughter therapy into this world.
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