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Divagating through the Tarot
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Tarot cards can provide answers to many everyday questions. What can you expect the next six months to look like? Should you explore a different career? Should you begin a new relationship? Is this a good time to travel? Divagating through The Tarot provides information on the origin of the cards and what makes them work. It also offers a detailed exploration of the symbolism and clear, concise meanings for each of the seventy-eight cards. Author Rebecca Fitzgerald’s imagination was captured by both the Tarot’s obscure history and the extensive information contained in the cards. Their symbolism and archetypes, as well as the influence of myths and the role of the collective unconscious, act as essential features in understanding the Tarot’s meaning. Here she presents a compilation of information and study gathered during the course of her work with the Tarot, as well as an exploration of numerology, astrology, and chakra—all connected to the Tarot in various ways. Aimed at anyone wishing to learn more about the Tarot, its history, and its uses, Divagating through The Tarot offers both a quick reference guide and extensive examination of this fascinating art.
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