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A Merry Desert Christmas

A Merry Desert Christmas

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A Merry Desert Christmas

52 pages
36 minutes
Nov 25, 2020


A trip home for Christmas break with that cute International student might be just what Erin needs. She and Nikolai are about to learn how fast love and desire bloom in the desert.

Nov 25, 2020

About the author

Britt DeLaney lives and writes near Philadelphia. In her spare time she watches too much Netflix, eats too many Pop-Tarts, and is currently writing her ass off.

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A Merry Desert Christmas - Britt DeLaney


by Britt DeLaney

©2020 Britt DeLaney

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

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Erin perused the rack of candy bars in front of her. Was she craving a Reese’s? Or did she want to go sweet versus salty? She really had to make up her mind because they needed to get back on the road.

I like these, a low voice said from just behind her. She got a delicious little shiver down her spine at that slight hint of an accent. Not exactly British, not exactly German, which made absolute sense since Nikolai was from the Netherlands. Still, her American ear tried to lump him in with more common accents she might have heard. She looked over her shoulder at him.

You’re a Starburst guy? I never figured you for Starburst guy.

He raised a brow. Really? What would you pick for me?

She tapped a finger on her chin, considering. Dark chocolate? She pointed at a Hershey's Special bar.

He shuddered. Not American chocolate. At home, I'm quite partial to licorice.

Black or red?

Red isn't really a thing for us. And our black licorice is very different from yours. Much stronger. It’s a very strong, salted licorice--


I know it seems strange to you, but it's very common. I suppose it's an acquired taste. What about you? He gestured at candy before them. You're not a Starburst girl?

I can be. It depends on my mood. Right now, I'm not sure if I want sweet or salty.

Nikolai nodded gravely. It's all about balance, he said.

Exactly. She finally reached out, grabbing a Snickers bar and a bag of barbecue potato chips.

I haven't tried those yet, he said, pointing at the chips.

Then I'll eat the Snickers first so I'm not too hungry. That way I won't rip your arm off if you try to share.

What a charming travel companion you are.

Aren't I just?

She added a fountain soda, and Nikolai grabbed a pack of beef jerky and a bottle of flavored water before they headed up to the counter and paid for their haul, as well as the gas they’d put into her car. As they made their way back to the vehicle, Erin took a quick glance at her phone.

It’s only two o’clock, she said. We’ll be getting in before dinner.

Nikolai put a hand to his lower back and leaned into it, stretching. We’ve been driving for more than four hours, he complained.

Yeah, but this is only Deming. We’ve still got two hours to go, depending on how fast I drive, how many state troopers are out on the highway, and if we get behind any large tractor-trailers on any two lane stretches of the road.

Are we in New Mexico at least? He asked, turning pleading eyes toward her.

"Yeah, we’ve

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