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Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion

Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion

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Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion

80 pages
50 minutes
Dec 7, 2020


Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion is a work of philosophical theology by author Steven Colborne and contains a series of key insights into his philosophical perspective.


Many people believe in the God of a particular religion; of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or Sikhism, for example. Author Steven Colborne, on the other hand, believes that in reality a single God exists who has created every religion and even every non-religious belief system. That, argues Colborne, is the ultimate truth.


In this short but deeply insightful book, Colborne describes the experiences that led him to question the veracity of the Christian faith. Despite being a committed Christian for some time, the author came to believe that the true nature of God — and in particular God's sovereignty over all events — is not adequately reflected in an orthodox Christian worldview.


After describing his frustrations with Christian theology in the opening chapters, the author proceeds to explain his understanding of the true nature of the God/world relationship, discussing subjects such as God's attributes, suffering, morality, the human mind, and more. The author also shares some insights into his mental health journey — insights which impacted his philosophical perspective significantly.


In the final chapter of the book, Colborne describes his vision of the church of the future, a multi-faith church which will provide an opportunity for interfaith dialogue and progressive spirituality. This vision builds upon the foundational ideas explored in the preceding chapters and which would subsequently be developed in Colborne's many other books.


Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion is a book that will provoke readers to think deeply about their own view of God and how religious differences might be overcome through a deeper understanding of God's nature and attributes.


Please note: Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion was originally published through SilverWood Books in 2013. This second edition, released with redesigned cover art and a new preface, was released through Tealight Books in 2020.

Dec 7, 2020

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Ultimate Truth - Steven Colborne


As I have continued to write books, and publish more of them than I ever imagined I would, I have come to realise that a book is only ever a snapshot of a moment in time. I’m sure I’m not the only author who, upon publishing a new release, feels a delightful sense of My work is complete! and I can now retire!

Such delusions of finality are almost inevitably foolish, and they fail to reflect an important truth about reality, which is that the knowledge and expertise of God are so incredibly vast, and life is such a long and complex journey, that I don’t believe any of us ever stop growing and learning until our dying breath (and according to Christian theology and many other spiritual traditions, even death only marks the beginning of a new metaphorical chapter). I have come to understand that a writer’s work is never done.

When I wrote the first edition of Ultimate Truth: God Beyond Religion in 2013 (published by SilverWood Books), I believed it to be the culmination of my spiritual journey. Some of the language used in the book’s epilogue reflects this sense of finality.

It is true that the book marked a milestone in my life — I was determined to get all of my philosophical thoughts down in print before I died, and the book did serve to capture many of the most important ideas that I believe make my contribution to the world of philosophical theology meaningful.

What I would never have guessed when writing the book, which contains a great deal of criticism of the Christian faith, is that I would go on to embrace Christianity wholeheartedly and with a higher regard than I ever thought possible. The pastor who I mention in Chapter 1 (Gary Clarke), who I describe as leaving me feeling frustrated and with many unanswered questions, is now someone who I love and respect very deeply.

As readers of my other books will know, my journey with Christianity has involved both periods of evangelical vigour and periods where I have felt compelled to question the theology of the faith deeply and candidly. Ultimate Truth reflects one of the more questioning phases in the development of my thought.

Ever since I first came to believe in God, an awareness and knowledge of His existence has remained with me, even when questioning the core doctrines of the Christian faith. I have found that all of the theological questioning I did when exploring and criticising Christianity served to ultimately make me a better Christian. The Biblical analogy I like to use is that of a man who has built the foundations of his theological understanding on a rock, rather than on the sand. I say this because I believe it is only through questioning things deeply that our understanding deepens and strengthens.

Having now written over a dozen books, I read back through Ultimate Truth and wince a little, because the way in which I criticised many aspects of the Christian faith now seems overly bold and simplistic. However, the book captures an important progression in my spiritual journey, and is filled with interesting ideas, many of which are still very important to me.

Much of the content of this book is re-presented in my 2019 book release, God’s Grand Game: Divine Sovereignty and the Cosmic Playground, which offers a more thorough and systematic exposition of my philosophical worldview. Ultimate Truth does, however, contain some chapters which can be found nowhere else in my body of work, including my reflections on New Age spirituality and idealism and solipsism, for instance. It also contains some insights into my mental health journey that cannot be found in any of my other books.

Though only a relatively short book, I felt it worthwhile to publish this second edition of Ultimate Truth to keep the book in circulation and to enable readers to understand how I viewed the Christian faith back in 2013. It was published as only my second book; the follow up to my 2012 debut The Philosophy of a Mad Man.

As you read the book, please remember what I said at the outset of this preface, which is that the book offers a snapshot of a moment in

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