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Time Immemorial: Time Immemorial Book 1
Time Immemorial: Time Immemorial Book 1
Time Immemorial: Time Immemorial Book 1
Ebook78 pages1 hour

Time Immemorial: Time Immemorial Book 1

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About this ebook

Lizzie Marlowe had as many missions as she had lives.

A masterful tale of multiple timelines; one woman, split between four lives…

Elizabeth Marlowe has always known she was different—even from others with psychic abilities. She doesn’t merely glimpse past or future lives, she lives multiple lives concurrently. She is L’Bet, a druid priestess holding out against the Roman invasion. She is Lizzie, a headstrong Victorian plumbing the depths of both science and Spiritualism. She is Beth, a Royal Air Force pilot fighting in World War II. And she is Captain Liz, a starship commander forging a path through the stars.

But being different comes with danger. Liz is determined to make it on her own, hiding her unusual ability from all but one trusted companion in each life. Yet, she is haunted by an ominous warning from her old mentor, Saire: Someday they’ll fear you. People fear what they cannot understand, and it is only a matter of time before those with psychic powers are targeted for their difference. When that happens, Liz will have to choose between her life of independence and saving the community she rejected long ago.

Return to the world of Leanna Renee Hieber’s Dark Nest trilogy with the start of a new series that spans eras and galaxies!

Release dateJun 15, 2021
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Leanna Renee Hieber

Leanna Renee Hieber is an actress, playwright, tour guide and the award-winning, bestselling author of Gothic, Gaslamp Fantasy novels such as the Strangely Beautiful, Magic Most Foul, Eterna Files and The Spectral City series as well as the Dark Nest universe of Space Opera novellas. A Haunted History of Invisible Women: True Stories of America's Ghosts, co-authored by Andrea Janes, marks Leanna’s first foray into non-fiction, focusing on narratives where women are centered in haunted house and ghost stories. Her Dark Nest and Strangely Beautiful series have won 4 Prism awards and her work has been included in numerous notable anthologies. Her books have been selected for national book club editions as well as translated into many languages. She crafts whimsical accessories for Torch and Arrow http://etsy.com/torchandarrow and works as a ghost tour guide for Manhattan’s Boroughs of the Dead. Hieber has been featured in film and television on shows like Mysteries at the Museum and Beyond the Unknown. For writers’ resources, free reads and more visit: http://leannareneehieber.com

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    Book preview

    Time Immemorial - Leanna Renee Hieber


    Every small hair on the back of Captain Elizabeth Liz Marlowe’s neck stood straight up, electrified, as her stomach plummeted and she ran to the fore of the starship she commanded. The bridge crew gasped as she threw herself against the manual navigation console.

    Hold on to something, darlings; no time to explain, but you’ll thank me later!

    A ball of light suddenly expanded on the ship’s viewscreen, and Liz could feel raw force surging and pulsing from it like a clumsy hand swatting at her body. The asteroid cluster they’d been sent to inspect for mining possibilities was backlit and then swallowed by the terrible light.

    Punching in a manual override to fire thrusters to full as quickly as possible without tearing the hull apart, Liz braced her boots on the smooth steel floor as the Reverie lurched to the side and klaxons sounded the alarm that the structural integrity of their ship was suddenly in danger from the swell ahead.

    Captain! her science officer shouted from their station. The star—

    Is soon behind us!

    Liz was heaved against the console as her ship hurtled first forward, as if let go from a slingshot, and then sideways to avoid the blast radius of a star that had gone suddenly unstable, then supernova, in one unpredictable moment.

    The risky maneuver Liz had initiated involved a speedy turn from the automatic pilot’s direction into a faster-than-light jump to a vacant sector she hoped was far enough from the blast that only ambient radiation would wash over their shields.

    Lieutenant Nguyen, she called to her science officer, tell me I did my math right and the radiation will be low enough to withstand by the time it reaches us?

    The lieutenant ran the numbers and checked the monitors. Close enough, Captain. I’d continue at this pace for another few clicks to be sure.

    Liz turned to her startled navigations officer, moving back towards her captain’s chair at the center of the bridge. "Lieutenant Castile, the Reverie is back in your hands. See that we maintain the suggested distance."

    Yes, Captain. The curly-haired young lieutenant nodded, then murmured a benediction in Spanish under her breath.

    The tall, imposing form of the Reverie XO, Commander Tseng, had been bent over an engineering console, but he straightened to address the captain.

    It appears that any ambient radiation ahead of the blast was blocked by our shields, but I’ll be sure engineering does a full structural report.

    Good. Captain Marlowe stared out over the blue steel of the elegant ship bridge. Ahead, a wide view of stars blinked by. Once we reach Lieutenant Nguyen’s determined safe zone, we’ll pause and reassess which of the seven remaining asteroid clusters on the Homeworld’s list is the most feasible to examine next. The closest and most direct, that’s our next destination.

    With a cautious smile, the younger of her two navigation officers leaned forward in her cushioned seat, the glow of the stars luminous on her dark cheeks. May I ask, Captain, how did you know?

    Know what, Lieutenant Massawe?

    That the star was going to go supernova? We had no indication. But you.…

    Sensed it?

    Both her pilots nodded.

    Marlowe tapped her nose. I’ve a gift for smelling danger. I can’t explain it, but it has its uses.

    Lieutenants Massawe and Castile stared at their captain. Their smiles were strained.

    And there it was. Their youthful expressions were often full of joy and wonder at the space adventure they were all taking together, but the one thing Liz never wanted to see flicker in otherwise hopeful eyes was this: fear.

    Someday they’ll fear you, a memory called. A voice from her past haunted her as if the speaker were right next to her ear, there on the bridge. They’ll fear what you are and what you can do. They’ll fear not only you here and now, but all of you. All four of you. Liz briefly closed her eyes and blocked the voice of her once-beloved mentor from her mind.

    She knew she had to be careful. When one of her lives avoided a danger, she had to be sure the rest weren’t next in line. A pain that had at first been blunted by the adrenaline of outrunning the star was blossoming in her stomach, her heart, her throat – something piercing. Eviscerating. Something else had exploded when that star blew, and whatever she’d thought this day was going to be, it was suddenly and irrevocably off course.

    You’ve got the bridge, Tseng, she said loudly to her XO and strode towards the bridge door, which slid open at her presence.

    You’ve got the bridge, Castile, Tseng countered. He was at her heels as the corridor opened and the bridge closed behind them.

    Liz sighed, eyeing the tall, lanky man easily keeping pace with her swift, purposeful stride. Greying hair at his temples offset black locks and ochre skin; she noticed he was flushed with the stress of the moment, his brown eyes wide. What is it?

    I usually just let you have your moments when you’ve gone and done something remarkable, as I know it sometimes has a … cascading effect. However, something feels different today.

    Captain Marlowe paused in the long steel corridor, staring at the man she trusted most in this world, and in her other worlds, even if he, in this body, didn’t know it. Go on.

    Tseng continued, quietly. "You told me at the beginning of this mission that there would likely come moments on this ship where you would need other times to take precedence, things your other lives needed to do to make sure you survived this one. I promised I would cover you when those moments came."

    Marlowe balled her fists, looking

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