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In the Solomon Islands, "die finish" means to become completely dead—an expression roughly equivalent to our "dead as a doornail." It's a condition Ben Kella is familiar with, both in his role as sergeant in the Solomon Islands Police Force, and as aofi a, a hereditary spiritual peacekeeper of the Lau people. At a mission station, Kella discovers Sister Conchita, an independent and rebellious young American nun, secretly trying to bury a skeleton. An unknown gunman then tries to kill her. It's the last thing Kella needs—in the past few days he has been cursed by a magic man, stumbled across evidence of a cargo cult uprising, and failed to find an American anthropologist who had been scouring the mountains for a priceless pornographic icon. But when the islands are struck with a bizarre series of murders, the unlikely pair must team up to solve the mystery.
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