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UnavailableShe Comes First Collection 1
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She Comes First Collection 1

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She Comes First Collection 1

189 pages
2 hours
Dec 14, 2020


Power comes to the Women who seize it.

***** "From sweet seduction to surreal savagery, She Comes First is an amazing selection of sexy femdom pleasures!"
***** "Playing to win! Love how womxn get it done in every sexy way!"

Sexy is a power play, and there's every reason to enjoy being on top! Empowered She Comes First legions boldly embrace Her strength and sort out men while demanding Her lust, desire, and arousal are properly serviced.

The first collection, "She Comes First Collection 1," features ten intimately compelling femdom erotica stories. Satisfying Her will, embracing Her passions, and serving Her are the only ways men can fulfill their desperate need to worship their superior lovers.

Enjoy the proof of why She always comes first!
• "She Comes First 1: Wiesbaden Fealty"
• "She Comes First 2: Scorned" written by Lelith L
• "She Comes First 3: Fishnets And Whips"
• "She Comes First 4: The Caress Of Her Heels"
• "She Comes First 5: Satisfying Her Needs"
• "She Comes First 6: Ice Queen"
• "She Comes First 7: The Cage"
• "She Comes First 8: Chess"
• "She Comes First 9: A Lock Of Hair"
• "She Comes First 10: Sticker Price"

Approximately 21,100 words.

Bonus: Plus selections from the Cherish Desire Catalog with commentary.

This book is intended for mature audiences. Cherish Desire books contain erotica adventures featuring intense sexual situations including alternative lifestyles, perverse pleasures, and supernatural lust.

Buy Now and Reward Good Behaviour!

Dec 14, 2020

About the author

Max is the go to guy for those crazy sex questions that only come up during a night of drinking - because he "just knows that stuff." When he's not receiving text messages with queries about British boys wearing unicorn suits and SMS messages with wine bottle adventure photos, Max wanders North America and Western Europe music festivals and clubs so he can dance his own way. His sexy companions try to keep him in line, and his work tries to keep him too busy to get into trouble - but Max is an unrestrainable phenomena orthogonal to the Zeitgeist.

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