This book is dedicated to all humanity. The world population is in a deep slumber. Awakening isnecessary. Life is a gift of Nature. We are here temporarily. Appreciate oneself and everything on thisplanet. Realization is paramount. Know who you are.Colonialism, Capitalism, Slavery, Judiciary System have severely damaged our psyche. The worldpopulations are like puppet on a string. They danced to the tune of unscrupulous leaders who are warmongers.We are blindfolded by Capitalistic socialism. When Corporation failed, the people tax dollars bailedthem out, but when the people failed due to mismanagement of the system, there is no bailout.Poverty is created by civilization not nature. The world is paying a heavy price. Explosion of warmaterials is damaging nature and the atmosphere.Stop all wars and nature will be at peace.Swami
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