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Amrican Poet

Amrican Poet

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Amrican Poet

347 pages
3 hours
Jan 30, 2021


Amrican Poet brings you into the world of R. Cary through over 50,000 words of relentless pressure on your reality. Just as you believe the beating and pulsating of your existence will cease, you will find yourself deeper into questions of self and reality, trapping you in the 'crux' of human faith and human pain. 


Amrican Poet is built to 'break your reality' and to push the genres of poetry to deliver a symposium of poems put together as one story; one story of human faith and human pain, showing what it means to live in the purgatory of the two and what it means to step out from the 'crux' and into the light. 


Start your journey. It is yours to take.


Amrican Poet features: 'Ravaging Pain', 'Fractures', 'Darkside', 'Blonde Beast', 'Endurance, 'Golden Lion', 'Art of Self', 'Infinity', 'Human As Art'.


R. Cary

Jan 30, 2021

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Amrican Poet

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Book Preview

Amrican Poet - R. Cary


Amrican Poet

By R. Cary

Works of Art

Ravaging Pain   



Blonde Beast   


Golden Lion

Art of Self


Human As Art

Amrican Poet By R. Cary

Amrican Poet brings you into the world of R. Cary through over 50,000 words of relentless pressure on your reality.

Just as you believe the beating and pulsating of your existence will cease, you will find yourself deeper into questions of self and reality, trapping you in the 'crux' of human faith and human pain.

Amrican Poet is built to 'break your reality' and to push the genres of poetry to deliver a symposium of poems put together as one story; one story of human faith and human pain, showing what it means to live in the purgatory of the two and what it means to step out from the 'crux' and into the light.

Start your journey. It is yours to take.

Amrican Poet features: 'Ravaging Pain', 'Fractures', 'Darkside', 'Blonde Beast', 'Endurance’, 'Golden Lion', ‘Art of Self’, ‘Infinity’, ‘Human as Art’.


It is a great pleasure to bring you Amrican Poet.

The totality of the journey you are about to take is the expression of the battles we encounter everyday. In every moment is our ability to choose to live in our vision of love, care, and human goodness or succumb to our own self-negation relentlessly pursuing our existence.

Amrican Poet will traverse you through the terrain we travel in our minds and hearts when struggling to let go, struggling to pursue our highest self, to reach our greatest ideal of what our purpose in this life is supposed to be.

Amrican Poet is the 1st part of our journey when the day comes and we decide to pursue the truth of our eternal self battling the darkness with the only truth I know, the purity of human light.

Amrican Poet II, continuing our journey will arrive in June 2023.

R. Cary

Amrican Poet

Ravaging Pain





An acquiescence of faith regained

Pure misery in my journey

But just let it out, analogy after analogy

Excruciating tenderness in existence is my goal

Noting the savagery of the human condition

To persevere from within a lost soul

To bring you, reader, pure faith



A whisper began it all, a whisper

Tainted my sight

A whisper hissed into my soul, a whisper

Unleashed as pained grief

A whisper gathered me, as inconsistent thoughts

A whisper broke me into fragments, fragments of self

A whisper woke me, gathering my shattered self,

A whisper resurrected me from my sight of hell



Devilish tones have arisen, engulfed in flames of devoured faith

I listened, softly he spoke to me, with the slightest of slithers



Settings of grief despised, flourishing between tones of monotony

And skies of replenished disruption of torment



Pain lives in me as torment

Repression of a life endured

Pain exudes from me as litanies

In a life in demise

Pain, I mention of contented reprimand of

Me to delusions of self



Pain has tortured me, scoped in faults

Built in lack of faith in the moments next

Being is excruciating in me, slaying my

Sense of self with wrath and fury

Of disgust of what lacks inside of me



In lays rapture's engrossment of self-loathing

In fears of a life in painted lacking,

Said acquiescence delivered through antiquated

Beliefs in archaic forms of a history told,

Lastly you define unwarranted feinting of movement

Living in outward conveyance of layers innate



In between depths of scope, latent in banal life

Of external perception conjured in layers of entwined depth;

Living in me as exposed internal conflict of

Deciphered melancholy, disturbed tranquility living as faith



Hell haunts me with intent and pursuit

Scaling my sins, shedding each layer

Of unrelenting disdain;

Further I reveal, my nature of self-sabotage

Further I endure my painful artfulness of

Damaging pursuit;

Inflicted within me, hauntings in disguise,

Fathoms of demons excrete themselves upon me,

Inescapable self pain



I walk into the claws of hell flaunting

My written disgust of humanity and flames;

Burning is my soul with inept peace denied,

Scolding I am, with hate of inner demise;

Unreciprocated pain daunts me to hell

Failing belief in that which I hold so dear,

The flames of hell burning against my sins,

My demise looms with an evanescence of flames



Daggers of defeat protrude, pain

Inwards to its points of depth;

Unknown to bleed from me, my

Cracking self



I will devour your pain and consume

Your soul of inward hate;

Attempts at denial, a beating

Heart of painful mournfulness;

Layer upon layer I reveal perceptions

Of belief saturated in tainted

Guises of perpetual lies



My heart tears destructive torment of unrelenting pain,

Uncompromising slashing of that I hold near;

Come for me, all I ever knew, all I ever endured,

Misspoken words, as I bathe in denial, as I bathe

In fervor of tainted fears, my destruction is here

All that I hold, all that I miss, all that made me feel



I feel your pain of emotional torment, disguised in

What exists as your externalities of perception, your calm

Reserve hiding what you are, living in your perspective

Of lies, living in your delusions told through stories

In your eyes, in your blind belief that you are someone you are not



It pains me, to watch you exude your unpleasantries upon

This earth, your painted sins as things that simply are,

As told stories of manufactured belief, as lived hatred

Of yourself, as enumerated flames of disguised

Moral turpitude, but in all human truth, what you

Exude cannot be brought in this world with the pain of your breath



Crafted in your soul excites banal emptiness in your human defined culture of forgotten losses



Disciple of sins past



The darkness in my eyes storms with imperfections; wrinkles of self




Once you know darkness, it haunts you with its ghosts of your tainted past


Disguised in duration of time

Dreadful Tears;

Dreadful tears illuminate the breath of my soul


You feel my essence bleed into your existence;

Existential crisis averted through faith in my forms of theories past

Sighted deliverance of one's needs through platforms of undeliverable consciousness,

Faith in forms past written in stone delivered and procured from one to the last

Unbroken in thought, living in history's fate, written in humanity,

Feelings of defeat waivers in guilt of sins past



Hell arises from the depths of your consciousness layered in deception of a fateful demise

Destruction looms as decadent decor of rhythmic fluctuations;

I felt you, the guilt of your consciousness bled from the pores of my tears

If you tell me of your broken heart, I will redeem you

In my life occurs an insatiable death of the evil disturbed in my soul



My hate and anger looms as an extravagant disease

My soul grazed the furnaces of hell

My soul has bloomed to a ripened existence from an existential death



I fear for the pain in my soul, for that which strides within me

Its uncompromising tone, its near religious affect, its scars upon me;

Loathing in veins of ignorance, bliss once accrued, lost in demons past



Torn to pieces with shredded shards of pain

I sought you in the rivers of disguise



This ravenous rage infiltrates my hardened existence

With contemptuous rain of the blood of Hades soul

Poured upon as droplets of tormented pain, burning lesions endured by my skin

Blistering my pain from within, arisen from the depths of my pulsating heart, as I bleed into


Rejected by Hades himself, as my bleeding pain caused him too much to bare



Your pain issued upon me reeks of the putrid puss you exist in

Your stank and enduring existence of petulant contempt cries from your soul



Your disturbed soul ignites my pain of fury past

Tormented demise arises as my essence,

Uncured fostering of unrelenting pain

Guised in disgust



Give me your sins and I will endure your pain

Lead me inward and I will cure your soul

Pave me a path and your disdain will be removed

A Lot in me your existence of tormented hell

And I will appease your demented lies



He listens, closely, quietly; waiting for your faith to wonder,

You begin to hear him, slowly, answering, disguised

As a voice of your beckoning call

You desire his path onto him, carving it, welcoming it;

His slow and seditious slither paces your torment

In time, his existence precedes you, his desires to become your will

Until you no longer know, you have been deceived



Fear lives inside of me

A disguised will of faith

A declined unconscious upon my soul

My heart broke, my sweat smelled of my pain

Pores widened and scoped in denial,

Open to my rotted inside



Forever my misery will rest in my anguished soul

Expected birth of your rot inside of me

Extolled deliverance surmises in me

Extravagance belittles you, deprives you in me



Begging for mercy,

Begging for the Gods to tell me it is not true,

A mirage of foreign intervention



I ventured toward him

Isolated and self-exposed

Raptured in self hate and denial

Weak and broken from self defeat

A self-disposition perfect for him,

An exposure of my frailty

An exposure of his delight

A perfection of prey I became

As he hissed his essence upon me

A double edged tongue surrounding me,

Soon tangled in his myth

Until my will lacked my own;

My fate spoken as a hiss of betrayal

A fate no longer my own, a fate

Exposed in self defeat and

Hatred of all I became, a

Fate delivering me to entrapment

Of my soul to burn in history

As one forgotten, as one who failed



I roamed this earth scouring and weakened

Crippled by the devourer of my soul, the

Tearer of hearts, the evil of human existence

As a liar in those that wake with evil

In his strides, assertive of his wayward

Ways upon us with intention in thought

To evil and destruction on those they hold

Disdain against, but crippled from my own self

With my disposition with this devil, as

A manifestation of his will, sought by me,

In a crowded sea, I gaze, I stare until

I see, the weakness hidden in what he believes

And attempt to hide, but gaze at me with

Light above, a sign of his signs

Crippling his step, shined upon me for

I to see, to expose you, to deliver you,

To guide you into the path of your

Destruction, simply because, I can see you

Weakened, I can feel you hobble in the

Faintness ripples of life, in your most private

Innermost consciousness, you expose yourself

To me, and I you, to them



Deciphered pain excruciating in your hands of fate,

An acclimated existence to its addiction of afflictions innate,

Born into you as misery to the spirit of death



Savage growth of despair looming over my soul

Unweathering in torment, dialectical in nature;

My self longs for relief from this virus of cause;

Conversations in negation, a show of self against despite

Growing is in me, a constant state of undesired despair



Pain disguised as lucidity flickering

To relinquish faith to ill born hate



My relentless pursuit of all that could be,

Haggles my faith between tones of deafness

And strings of symphony

Undelivered my pursuits become,

Exhaustion takes its toll on what has

Previously remained undead for me,

I cannot express enough;

Movement becomes a distillation process

Of slow drips of what it is to be made,

But lacking the volume of what is in need

I only ask reprieve, no, that resolve arrives

In its due course,

As my life is saturated with

Tainted spots of pursuits that have been burned



I grabbed you the beast of hell compelling you through brute force of will

Down to the Bowels of earth, existing as anxiety of a ridden state

I deliver you beneath the molten of this earth, devouring your strength

So you will fear humanity's existence, our pure faith

That I have bled into your veins making you quiver in fear in your mere thought of

Returning to torment another human's soul



Dig into hell's grave, fire your flame into the damaged souls of goodness distaste

Deliver the devilish demons with the wrath of St. Michael's wrath,

With the burden of sins upon this world as your atlas shrug of existential intent,

Bathe in the blood you drain, scour the dimensions of heaven and hell following

Scented trails of excrement distorted in paths of brilliance deceived;

Conquer the defeated,

Slay the perceptions of instilled fear,

Guide the hands of those disposed

Against their will, exist in the pursuit

Of that which fractures our souls



Deliciated thoughts inclined in duress, instability arising as nocturnal tones



Atoned grief as tainted belief in lured perception beyond grasp,

A longing in sensations of my humanistic pain

Penetrating, as what hints at me creeping into my existence; crawling into my soul,

Lucidity has arisen as either heaven or hell, undefined sight of a consciousness unknown;

My pursuits arising, ill defined, yet begging into nature

A falling soul lost in a forest of haunted faith asking, will anger hear me?

Screaming in my excruciating tone of being, tattered and tainted self,

As a last piece of light drifting just above hell

Clarity of intentions delighting

Lack of definition inviting



My soul itches with disease, a rotted corpse shedding its flesh

As a manifestation of self, a malignant cantor of inward indignation;

Pain is my misery of comfort, a long forgotten soul

Left to wither in decay as I am now all alone, sorrowing, long overdue

I cannot stop fractured seams of guilt, waiting in allure, but unable to see, what will come for me

Reminiscent in desire, appalled by my denial, hope always looming, hope always adrift

As I always was, struggling to be, essential belief wavering in denial



Faith of a tormented soul lingers in tantalized formation accruing

In distaste, latency cuts itself as benign, unable to cure my prolonged disease;

I am a furor of fate, an icon of all that can be living in disdain of his own failures of

Accrual; a believer in the Good, for passion of being, a tolled existence waning in days

I, lacking conveyance of all I could be, but withering I am not, strength endures, a panel of

Tempted souls will rise to ensure, for in return, history is built, in turn, I wait

I am long overdue, a blissful state of endurance

I will rise, as the Blonde Beast entails, a triumph of self, littered in disguise, a blissful

Appeal rapturing my soul, atonement longing to be, deliverance forthcoming, shedding

Skins of litany in requests



Destructed preludes of self, a self-negating sabotage of theories apprised, within

Scolding adornment lurching within me, teasing in me hope of betterments arrival,

A lacking disposition of inward recognition of insightful vision to

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