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The King's Word
The King's Word
The King's Word
Ebook143 pages1 hour

The King's Word

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About this ebook

Against all odds, Willy and Raja continue to fight to become Privateers, even though the country's most powerful man, the popular and victorious General Christian August, stands in their way. He has issued an order of irrevocable incarceration of them. They must be hanged for piracy.

In the shadows of this chase, the promiscuous bounty hunter Frans Dove, fond of love's peril and gunplay, does not spare the powder when he takes up the hunt for Willy and Raja.

There is only one who can pardon them now - the king. But he has his own dangers and demons to fight …

PublisherTom Thowsen
Release dateFeb 8, 2021
The King's Word
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Tom Thowsen

About Tom Thowsen If you enjoy books of Wilbur Smith and Ken Follett, you`d likely enjoy Tom Thowsen too. He is a Norwegian illustrator and fiction writer with a passion for history. This passion is also reflected in his books, where he often uses two different time frames, two different stories woven together. One from the present time and the other from the past. His novels have received very good receptions from both readers and newspapers. Halden Arbeiderblad said this about Kayaweta, his newest novel: "Thowsen manages to combine facts with fiction and writes excellent novels." Another newspaper, Demokraten, concluded: "The author sparkles with the joy of storytelling and knowledge."

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