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The Chronicles of Music Majors: The Complete Edition

The Chronicles of Music Majors: The Complete Edition

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The Chronicles of Music Majors: The Complete Edition

127 pages
1 hour
Apr 28, 2021


As the students of Belton University learn to navigate the world of music, they discover friendship, fortitude, and love in a variety of ways. Contact the author to sign-up for her newsletter, and you'll receive a signed postcard of The Chronicles of Music Majors and an invitation to join her Music Fiction Book Club.


A Change in the Winds

Brandon, a sophomore bass player at Belton University, grows bored playing the same repetitive lines at the back of the orchestra. He rouses from his stupor when an attractive flutist plays a beautiful solo from the fourth movement of Dvorak's Symphony No. 8. How can Brandon attract her attention without raising the ire of the conductor? Maybe all he needs is a change in the winds.


"Bach" from the Grave

Freshman bassoonist Adam Heckel faces hazing in the music fraternity at Belton University while organist Miguel Guzmán struggles to overcome the pain of his past while preparing music for All Saints Day. When the two friends cross paths in an eerie locale Halloween night, will they finally find the brotherhood they both desperately need?


Christmas Glee Club

Sophia, the lead soprano of the Belton Glee Club, faces losing her celebrity date to the sorority formal due to a required concert for the university donors. When the lead tenor falls sick with laryngitis, Brett fills in for his role as Santa. Can Sophia and Brett pull off the concert together at the last minute?


No Strings Attached

Alone on Valentine's Day with only his viola for a date, Vince decides to drown his sorrows at the university coffee shop. In a room full of love-struck couples, Gaby's alternative guitar music doesn't quite strike a romantic tone. Can she find anyone who appreciates her original style?


Brass at the Beach

Etta, a tuba player for the Belton University Symphony, is forced to face her fears of the ocean when the orchestra travels to the Caribbean for a concert. French horn player Terrence makes it his mission to help Etta become more comfortable with the sea. Will Etta find a way to be noticed in spite of her position at the back of the orchestra? On their beach excursion, the two learn to view life through a different set of lenses.


Get a "Händel" on It

Violinist Karen dominates the music scene at Belton University until a transfer student usurps her position and forces Karen to play "second fiddle," much to her chagrin. When the unforeseen happens during their performance of Handel's Messiah, will Karen do what it takes to save the performance?


The Ivory Touch

Pauline, a senior piano major at Belton University, nearly lives at the music school as she prepares for her capstone recital. Her boyfriend Trenton, a jazz trumpet player, convinces her to perform an insane duet with him for the final number. While they dedicate themselves to rehearsals, the Coronavirus sweeps the globe. The worldwide pandemic jeopardizes everything Pauline holds dear, including her recital, family, and romantic relationship. How will she adapt to this devastating twist her senior year?


Return to Mozart

After graduating from Belton with a degree in harp performance, Lisandra begins her studies as a graduate composition student at Johann Conservatory in New York City under renowned composition teacher Amadeus Gruber, a descendant of Mozart. When the city is devastated by the pandemic, Lisandra must choose between returning to her family in Estonia, or continuing to work with Gruber in the city under quarantine. Does Lisandra possess what it takes to finish Gruber's Symphony and continue Mozart's legacy?

Apr 28, 2021

About the author

Ashley Rescot is a professional violinist, educator, writer, and Fulbright Scholar. An aficionado of music, pedagogy, family, faith, and language, she writes about her life as a musician. Stay tuned for her music novel!

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Book Preview

The Chronicles of Music Majors - Ashley Rescot

Praise for

The Chronicles of Music Majors

Ashley Rescot jazzes up the lives of music students in ways that are both fun and easy to relate to. Whether or not you are a musician, you will enjoy learning about music and romance from this charming collection of characters.

-Dr. Robin Wallace

Professor of Musicology, Baylor University

Author of: Hearing Beethoven: A Story of Musical Loss and Discovery

The Chronicles of Music Majors is a rollicking good time!  I found myself on the edge of my seat, perpetually enticed to read just one more page.  Ashley Rescot’s artful depictions of the inner workings of Belton University’s School of Music left me longing for my music major days.  A true gift to music lovers of every age, and a delightful read from start to finish!

-Dr. Chelsea Dark

Horn player

Licensed Psychologist, www.austinsleeppsychologist.com

Ashley Rescot’s The Chronicles of Music Majors offers readers a refreshing lift as she invites us into her fictional music world. Her sweet romantic stories hit all the right notes with perfect pitch. My favorite story would have to be the last one I read–seriously, it was hard to choose because each has its own unique twist. A delicious read. If you have a musical background or simply love music, this collection of stories is a must. 

-Mary Pat Johns

Author of faith-filled stories of hope and redemption,

Contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul series


As a lifelong singer and professional performer I loved Ashley Rescot's short story series The Chronicles of Music Majors. Her descriptive writing style and interesting characters pulled me in completely. In fact, I was disappointed when the story was over! I wanted more!  I especially loved the short stories Christmas Glee Club and Get a Händel on It. These two stories in particular should be fondly reminiscent to anyone who has ever participated in a high school chorus or orchestra concert. 

-Charleen Ayers

Adjunct Professor of Voice, Friends University

Opera and Musical Theatre Performer

My mother was a music teacher, and Ashley’s characters brought to life so many memories of that special time in my childhood. Her vivid descriptions bloomed the aroma of leather-covered violin cases, the tinkling of piano keys, the om-pa-pa of accordion notes, and the excitement that filled the concert halls. As I turned the pages, I wore the shoes of the students at the fictional Belton University and wished the story would never end.

-Amre Cortadino

Author, 2020 1st place ACFW Virginia Crown Award Winner, Suspense, 2019 Finalist ACFW Genesis Contest, www.merryheartink.com

I really enjoyed reading these stories!  So many experiences that are universal to college-aged students, discovering life and love in the midst of their musical studies.  Each one strikes the balance of developing the characters and situations within the structural confines of a short story.  Well done!

-Devon Carpenter


Teacher / Owner

The Music Factory


Table of Contents

Praise for The Chronicles of Music Majors




A Change in the Winds

Bach from the Grave

Get a Händel on It

Christmas Glee Club

The Ivory Touch

No Strings Attached

Brass at the Beach

Return to Mozart

Questions for Reflection


To enhance your reading of this book, the author has assembled additional supporting resources, including:

audio playlists to share the music referenced in the book,

digital Belton University book club on social media to connect with other fans,

Questions for Reflection for educators or book clubs, (also found at the end of this book), and

an opportunity to connect directly with the author.

All of these resources and more can be found on the author’s website at: www.rescotcreative.com (or scan the QR code below).


When I was two years old, my mother placed a tiny box violin in my hands. Ever since that time, music has played a pivotal role in my life. I’m always fascinated by the correlation between music and literature, and for me the lines often blur together like the colors in an impressionist painting.

After teaching for nearly two decades, I have noticed that music students respond well to stories. As a result, I wanted to create a fictional university for them where characters explore the world of music, delving into music history, composition, and concerts, all while discovering love and friendship along the way. My hope is to inspire the next generation of musicians, encourage current music professionals, and share my love of the art with non-musicians.

This collection of short stories can be read in any order, all at once, or broken up over a series of months. For teachers interested in using them with their young adult classes or studios, the stories include several seasonal themes, as well as a variety of instruments. Feel free to select the ones that appeal most to your students. Don’t forget to check out the musical playlists that accompany the narratives on my website.

If you enjoy this collection, I would greatly appreciate if you could leave a review on your book retailer’s website. This helps others discover the series and allows me to continue writing music fiction!


With this publication of my first book, I want to acknowledge many of the people who have encouraged me in my own creative journey.

To my husband, Robert, for giving me a real-life romance, for his tireless support of my music and writing, and for helping me every step of the way in navigating my new role as an author.

To my mother, Allison, who first taught me to play the violin and then how to teach.

To my father and grandparents, who came to countless recitals and supported me as my biggest fans.

To my parents-in-law, for loving and supporting me in my career like a daughter.

To my music teachers, including my aunts, piano teachers, voice instructors, and college professors, without whom I wouldn’t be the musician and writer I am today.

To my students and their families, for being a joy to teach.

To my wonderful editor, Leslie L. McKee, fellow musician and phenomenal writer, for her dedication to the craft and encouraging words.

To my cover designer, my cousin Heather Deiter, for her amazing ability to visualize my vision for the book.

To my Uncle Brent, for his diligence in proofreading my stories to make them shine.

To my dear critique partners in ACFW, for their expertise and support in helping these stories come to life.

To my fellow writers and coach Kent Sanders in The Daily Writer Community, for their accountability and encouragement in all aspects of the writing career.

To my Creator, the One who gives people the gift of creativity, as we were fashioned in His image.

I could not have accomplished this without

all of your support!

This book is dedicated to my mother, Allison,

my first music teacher.

A Change in the Winds

A Back-to-School Story

Brandon clamped his large fingers around the thick neck of his six-foot upright bass. He glanced over his shoulder at the clock on the back wall of the concert hall. Will this rehearsal ever end? Still twenty minutes until break. He sighed.

The conductor, a man in his mid-thirties dressed in a crisp button-down shirt, waved his arms in perfect precision in front of the violin section. As always, the violinists sped through exciting melodies while Brandon plunked out repetitive bass lines. That’s what happens when you choose bass in junior high orchestra.

At that time in his life, he’d wanted a hobby

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