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ASTROLOGY / SELF-HELP “_Liquid Light of Sex _is a beacon in the darkness for anyone who is struggling through a mid-life crisis and is wise enough to recognize the spiritual dimensions of the experience. . . . Barbara Hand Clow brings astrology into the field of energy medicine where it belongs [and] restores eros to its rightful place as a vital and healthy part of the divinity we call self.”--Michael Talbot, author of _The Holographic Universe_“. . . completely unravels the effects of mid-life crisis . . . puts astronomy in a new light, poses interesting questions about our relationship to the rest of the universe, and provides interesting postulations about the transformations that occur in humans.”--_Whole Life Times__Liquid Light of Sex_ is a life-changing book that opens up new dimensions for understanding what occurs during key life passages. With a specific focus on “mid-life crisis,” Barbara Hand Clow explores how kundalini energy--the energy of eros that lies at the base of the spine, otherwise known as the “liquid light of sex”--can be unblocked and creatively channeled to permit successful movement through these potentially turbulent periods. She notes, “We form at age 30, we transform at age 40, and we transmute at age 50.”This third edition of the book includes new information on how to plan your life over 30-year periods by using Saturn cycles through each of the 12 houses in your natal chart. The charts on the Saturn, Uranus, and Chiron cycles have been updated through 2032 for people born between 1930 and 1981. _Liquid Light of Sex_ offers effective methods for achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual growth during these important life passages for optimal personal and psychic development.BARBARA HAND CLOW is the author of eight books, including _Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets_, the bestselling _Pleiadian Agenda_, and _Catastrophobia: The Truth Behind Earth Changes_. An internationally noted astrologer, researcher in alternative medicine, and lecturer, she appears at workshops throughout the world.
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ISBN: 9781591439486
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