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An ancient parable speaks of a divine stream that poured forth from the earth itself. It bubbled up along the road of life and many, tired and footsore, gathered to refresh themselves there. Over time, altars and walls were erected to protect the source of the stream, and a special caste of men named themselves the streams guardians; under their guidance, only a precious few could access the water. Wars were fought over when and how people could drink. Eventually, so many were turned away that the stream was forgotten, but when all the chanting and ceremonies cease, there are still those convinced they can hear, somewhere deep within the edifice, the sound of water coursing over rock.
Based on actual events, N. M. Freeman’s the story of Q. is about four people divided by time and space, who still hear the water fl owing in the depths of their hearts. Meet Mateo, Farah, Rose, and Roger: strangers unknowingly tied together by a mysterious document known as Q. This ancient document tears apart their preconceived notions about God, religion, and themselves.
The Q document threatens existing notions about the meaning of life. There are those who would keep its contents hidden in an effort to hinder the destruction of the modern church. There are also those who would share the document with all mankind in order to return human spiritual awareness to its purest form, like the forgotten stream of the parable. Without doubt, the Q document could tear humanity apart—but it could also lift the human race to a new level of divine consciousness.
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the story of Q. - Natasha Freeman

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