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Object Confessions: Happily Ever After

Object Confessions: Happily Ever After

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Object Confessions: Happily Ever After

220 pages
3 hours
Mar 7, 2021


Would you like to know his secrets, or are you just in it for the happy ending like Katie?

***** "So much pain acted out in hope of approval, acceptance, and, ultimately, love."
***** "Max has a gift, or a woman whispering in his ear, and writes Katie's sexy confessions leading to her maturity like he was describing me."

Perversion requires trust, and unusual passions need demanding inspiration! The Ladies of Object Confessions boldly share their secrets as they succumb to lust, desire, and arousal.

The "Happily Ever After" collection features five intensely passionate linked Object Confessions erotica stories. Explore the lusty submissive she sought to be for affection and approval, and the powerful wife she became.

Letting go of what she was is a step toward becoming the woman he believes in.
• "Object Confessions 11: Oregon Pleasures"
• "Object Confessions 20: Wet In Oregon"
• "Object Confessions 21: Oregon Corps"
• "Object Confessions 31: Oregon Farewell"
• "Sexy Identities 33: Happily Ever After"

Approximately 40,300 words.

Bonus: Plus selections from the Cherish Desire Catalog with commentary.

This book is intended for mature audiences. Cherish Desire books contain erotica adventures featuring intense sexual situations including alternative lifestyles, perverse pleasures, and supernatural lust.

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Mar 7, 2021

About the author

Max is the go to guy for those crazy sex questions that only come up during a night of drinking - because he "just knows that stuff." When he's not receiving text messages with queries about British boys wearing unicorn suits and SMS messages with wine bottle adventure photos, Max wanders North America and Western Europe music festivals and clubs so he can dance his own way. His sexy companions try to keep him in line, and his work tries to keep him too busy to get into trouble - but Max is an unrestrainable phenomena orthogonal to the Zeitgeist.

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Object Confessions - Max D

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Object Confessions - Happily Ever After

written by Max D

brought to you by Cherish Desire


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"Object Confessions 11: Oregon Pleasures"

"Object Confessions 20: Wet In Oregon"

"Object Confessions 21: Oregon Corps"

"Object Confessions 31: Oregon Farewell"

"Sexy Identities 33: Happily Ever After"


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Published on Smashwords by Cherish Desire

Object Confessions - Happily Ever After

Written by Max D

Smashwords ISBN: 9781005677961

(Revision FD - Smashwords Edition)

A Cherish Desire Publication

First electronically published in 2021.

©Cherish Desire 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2021. All rights reserved.


KIN: 1230004609919

eISBN: 9781005677961

Stories originally published separately in Very Dirty Stories #111, Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions Collection 1, Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions Collection 2, and Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions Collection 3.

Sexy Identities 33: Happily Ever After previously unpublished

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"Object Confessions 11: Oregon Pleasures" themes: MF, Fingering, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Implied Vaginal Sex

"Object Confessions 20: Wet In Oregon" themes: Female Masturbation, Implied MF, Fingering & Implied Fisting, Dildo Play & Wearing, Double Penetration, Implied Vaginal & Anal Sex, Implied Stretching, Implied Exhibitionism (Public)

"Object Confessions 21: Oregon Corps" themes: MF, FF, Vaginal & Anal Sex, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Fingering & Fisting, Strap-On Sex, Double Penetration, Stretching

"Object Confessions 31: Oregon Farewell" themes: MF, FF, Dildo Play, Strap-On Sex, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Implied Fingering & Fisting, Tattoo & Piercing, Stretching, Implied Vaginal & Anal Sex, Romance, Implied Spanking

"Sexy Identities 33: Happily Ever After" themes: MF, FF, Romance, Spanking, Implied D/s, Implied Sex, Implied Fingering & Fisting, Implied Supernatural & Paranormal


This book is dedicated to 1470 West. To Lisa, Julie, Melanie, Christopher, and so many others who are faded faces in 35mm photo albums. To so many people who I never knew to get to know.

I don’t think any of us knew what a happily ever after might mean back then. We were just surviving while others were dying. I watched what I could. Learned something very different than what people tried to teach me. And I’ve survived in hostile clubs all around the world because of the unspoken ways 1470 West and its community encouraged me to grow into my power.

I hope everyone found their way and found their peace. Sadly, I suspect most didn’t. Eventually, I became what I was always going to be - and I’m better for it because of all those nights spent dancing in your company.


For more information on this digital edition and other titles from Cherish Desire, please visit our catalog or your favorite retailers.

Includes selections from the Cherish Desire Catalog with Commentary


Cherish Desire Introductions

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The Ladies Of Cherish Desire

Each Cherish Desire title features ladies who expose themselves and embrace their fears and desires as well as the men and women that inspire them to sexual peaks while living out wild sexual fantasies. Enjoy the stories in this erotica title and seek out the sexy accomplishments of these desirable women.

Object Confessions - Pleasure and perversion take on many forms. Sometimes the dirty confessions of special needs and desires shouldn’t be associated with a specific name. The Ladies of Object Confessions open up and share their guilty pleasures - breaking all the rules and spelling out what really gets them off. When it comes to sex there may not be anything new under the sun, but there’s still plenty of shocking dirty secrets. And when it comes to orgasms, women know a lot more than they are admitting in public!

Sexy Identities - The world says, Just be yourself, and then it rejects you for not conforming. It’s time to appreciate that sexy has never been limited to stereotypes, and time to accept that fantasies are not bound by conventional roles. Enjoy these affectionate and lusty expressions of self-identity that include all the passion, heat, and fulfillment that everyone desires without being forced to be normal.

She Comes First - If you want to improve the world, then encouraging legions of women to sort out the men seems like as good an idea as any. After all, men are weak creatures of emotion and sentiment, desperate for the comforting embrace of their mothers and lovers, and they will live under any rules so long as their foolish whims are appropriately punished and their good behavior is rewarded. That’s why She always comes First.

Pursuit of Purpose - Some men and women seek out fulfillment and pleasure. Some seek out excellence or focus on developing their experience. Max pursues purpose while lighting candles for each altar that grows cold and slowly fades into oblivion from neglect. Meaning is in everything. Pleasure and pain, ignorance and intelligence, darkness and light, dominance and submission all come to a single point of refinement: Purpose. Desire alone isn’t enough, and the shadows conceal wicked delights and affectionate indulgences.


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Object Confessions 11: Oregon Pleasures

written by Max D

Featuring the Ladies of Object Confessions and Natalya

"Object Confessions 11: Oregon Pleasures" themes: MF, Fingering, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Implied Vaginal Sex

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I’ve learned over time to be very clear in the signals I send men. Flash a smile, run a finger over my lips, gesture toward his chest... and he’ll know I want him to hold me and kiss me. Turn my back, twist slightly to the side, watch him over my shoulder with big soft eyes, and run my hand over the curve of my buttock and hip.... and he knows there’s an invitation. Men may struggle with this - their own fear and insecurities getting in the way, but I don’t wag my ass at a man I want to look at my cleavage, and I don’t scoop up my breasts and knead them at a man I want to be looking at my ass.

Sometimes that means going against wise advice like, Emphasize your strengths and camouflage your weaknesses. I know my thighs are a little heavy, and my arms are a bit soft and weak. I know my mouth is more thin lipped and even than that luscious curving ripe look popular in fashion and on club floors. But if I want a man to start nibbling and kissing his way from my fingertips to my elbow and then stroke and massage my upper arm to my shoulder, then I go with draping my hand over his and backing away, lengthening my arm but leaving it limp and inviting him to take control, and rubbing my fingers over his knuckles to encourage him to lift my hand to his mouth.

None of this is simple. But having a focus - if I want this part of me touched then I display this part of me to narrow a man’s focus and bring him closer to action - makes a very good policy. The most difficult part was realizing how often I used to send mixed messages and then get frustrated with the results.

For example, I love my ass. I love a woman to have a nice round ass, good curvature and distinct buttocks, and mine is pretty close to that. There’s the bit where my buttocks and thighs meet where I wish I had a little more lift, but if I saw my ass on another woman then I’d think she was good looking. So when I was younger I used to enjoy my frilly boy briefs stretched tight over my ass cheeks, and wiggling my butt with alarming wantonness at guys I thought were sexy. I was emphasizing a part of my body I liked, which made me sexy, and luring their eyes, hands, and interests to a zone of confidence.

So it’s too bad I don’t like or even really offer men anal. I mean, sure, a bit of fingering with lots of lube and very gentle massaging and kneading is ok, but for some reason I’d get guys home or go to their place, do my sexier not-for-public butt wiggling in just my panties or briefs, and what followed was a disappointing interest in trying to shove things into my bottom without hardly any preparation, foreplay, or lube.

Kind of sad it took me over six years to figure that out! But I feel better because I did learn, whereas I see women older than me making the same or worse mistakes every night I go out. It’s bad enough we don’t always dress to our strengths - wearing clothing that makes our real bodies look good is important - but to also miscommunicate to men about how and where you want to be touched... ugh.

There’s a reason why I suddenly got smart about all this. I was out, doing my normal routine at a dance club with more bar than floor and more dick than pussy, and out of nowhere came a guy whom I didn’t recognize at all. He didn’t move like us, didn’t dress like us, didn’t pretend to care about anyone else, yet was totally aware of everyone around him. If he got stuck in a crowded part of the dancefloor or wanted to get a drink, he’d sharply point with his whole arm and two fingers together on his hand, and go where his hand said he would. While he was dancing, which looked more like some ecstatic performance art at times and like a threatening attack at others, his arms and hands openly swept space and came to stopping points that exaggerated the boundaries of his part of the floor. One couple I know, Jeff and Alex, wandered drunkenly toward him and there was this spinning flourish he made that both told them no but also guided them out of his space and in the general direction they were stumbling toward with an outstretched arm sweeping behind them in slow motion to prevent a change of course.

Now this club is mostly folks that have known each other for a long time. I was considered a baby and given a lot of attention and harassed a bit because the core group probably all went to school together and are at least five years older than me. So in general they own the place and run it as they see fit. No surprise if this strange man was obviously enjoying something too much then Rich would slow down the music he was playing. He made the mistake of playing an old David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails track, and this guy was going absolutely insane yet knew every beat and word, so we only got halfway through the second chorus before Rich cut over to a lazy synthpop track that made everyone tumble into half-time.

That same night the regulars hemmed this guy in, forcing him to find his own way, and generally made their usual snide comments and criticized his dancing within his earshot. To be honest, I didn’t really notice all this at the time. He explained it to me, and I didn’t believe him. And then I did pay attention, and Max was totally right - clubs and groups of people have some sort of social immune system that goes into high gear when confronted by something not just unexpected but also beyond their ability to predict. In short, Rich was unwittingly trying to take away any stimulation that Max enjoyed on the dancefloor in order to control him. The crowd was moving in clumps that blocked space and, in many cases, forced him to feel isolated and alone and insecure. At the same time, the general murmur of the regulars was critical and negative, trying to tear down his confidence and force him to submit to their expectations and behave in a way that would reduce the hostility directed toward him. In summary, there’s this whole underlying atmosphere of trying to make someone feel bad until they align with what the regulars want them to do and get social approval.

I was blind to all of it, and an unwitting participant, until it had been pointed out to me. Just like I was totally missing my own way of communicating sexy was setting expectations I didn’t want to live up to.

I remember my first coffee with Max. He told me point blank, Please don’t tease me with your wonderful bottom if you don’t want me to be fantasizing about pounding into it. He was so forward and so direct, but it was like a lightning bolt because suddenly I got why men were always thinking about anal when I wanted them thinking I was hot and desirable. His statement was a course correction just like how he handled those regular folks out at the club.

Every time they blocked his path - he tends to dance in lines - Max would slip into space they left open. Every time they trapped or surrounded him, Max would use his deliberate and unavoidable hand gestures to make those same people part so he could go somewhere else freely. Every time they screwed with the music, he would drop into deliberate pacing and stretch his body in a variety of ways that emphasized he was waiting and expected better.

And when he came to the bar, ordering a Sprite, and old Henry flirted with him, Max just smiled and made fun back. I was close enough to hear Henry say, With moves like that we could get very horizontal... then vertical... and then awfully tangled up. His eyes were totally on Max’s chest and mouth, and he was filling a clear solo cup with the soda gun on autopilot.

Max had looked Henry up and down, taking in the easy eyes and soft looks which made Henry attractive but not hot, and said, I’m sure you have a lot of experience hanging on tight. His general nod that completely matched the moment when Henry released his thumb from the gun’s button was so in sync that it felt like Max had invaded Henry’s body just for a moment and shared a breath.

Funny thing is, Henry thought it was hilarious. He laughed so hard that he almost spilled the soda, and then he didn’t want money for the drink. Damn, I could like seeing you out more often! He waved off the couple of dollars that Max pushed across the counter, but Max smiled back and held firm while picking up his Sprite.

I’ll be around, and then I’ll be gone. They don’t have to worry so much. I won’t be moving here or something ridiculous like that. Too far from London. Too far from Germany. He looked down toward the money then up to Henry’s smile again. Thanks for the drink. With a wink, Max slipped away from the bar and walked with purpose to a table near the floor while rolling his strong shoulders and adjusting his back.

Oh god, baby Katie... don’t just stare at that smoking hot package, Henry hissed at me. I was caught off guard and turned to him dumbly. He’s totally one hundred percent straight and is inviting you to go over and introduce yourself and rub his upper arms and shoulders. Is everyone else blind or somethin’? God... hello, hot flash. Henry glared at me until I got off my usual bar stool and started to move through the clumps of acquaintances and chatting folks that were on the path to the tables and floor.

I hadn’t intended to actually go to Max. He was wearing a tight fitting shirt that flowed over his torso like a second skin. He wasn’t super built, but the shirt made it clear that he meant business, and Max is pretty solid. But I wanted to know, because Henry was rarely wrong, was Max really telling me to follow him and inviting me to massage his shoulders. I didn’t think he had even looked at me, though I was probably far too overtly staring at his smooth right cheek where I desperately wanted to kiss him. I got halfway to where he was standing, rocking his body to the beat of the music while sipping his soda, and then realized people were now giving me the stink eye. That made me angry.

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