The Genius With The 225 IQ
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Meet the world's smartest man. Be amazed at the awesome inventions and ideas. This is the groundbreaking work that reveals true genius in all its raging glory. Join Zaki Friedman and Beth Miller as they take you on a journey filled with great inventions and great love. There's everything from a computerized guitar to an anti-pollution powder to a Positor cannon that can bring a positive outlook to the human race. Zaki's goal is to bring peace and harmony to the world, and he won't stop until he's thought of the answer to any question asked and the solutions to the world's great problems. No one but Zaki Friedman knows the answer, and with Beth by his side, he's determined to prove to everyone that he is the greatest genius who ever lived! "Nothing short of an American classic," applauds Alton "Doc" J. Bliss. "Will only entertain for another century or so." "Be amazed," writes Edward Worth. "An amazing novel that will keep the pages turning. Get set for a wild ride." "It's the best thing I've read in years," says Harriet Gold. "Everything about the novel is genius, including the one who wrote it."
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ISBN: 9781450297127
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