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Totally Lucky: The Shifter Speed Dating Series, #6

Totally Lucky: The Shifter Speed Dating Series, #6

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Totally Lucky: The Shifter Speed Dating Series, #6

5/5 (1 rating)
47 pages
38 minutes
Mar 17, 2021


Crashed into my betrothed mate after speed dating for shifters, what could go wrong?


After watching five couples find their happily ever afters, my mate literally falls into my lap. I'd never let that kind of luck pass me by.


Then I find out she's engaged to another. Why should I work shifter speed dating events when finding my happily ever after is off the menu? 


Now we're running for our lives from both the shifter council and her jilted intended. Talk about a fast burn.


Totally Lucky is the sixth in a series of short, steamy, shifter holiday romances. If you love mythical adventures, fast-burn romance, and fated mates, then you'll love this treat… Download Totally Lucky today to start your next legendary adventure.

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6. Totally Lucky

Mar 17, 2021

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Totally Lucky - Zoey Indiana



What the fuck?

A burly bear shifter slammed his beer bottle on the table and snarled. As a regular old human, I only knew he was a bear from his drunken ramblings. The bottle shattered, sending the last drink and glass shards flying. I kept my head down, not wanting to catch the male's attention. Collecting half drunk bottles of beer wouldn't be the worst part of my night.

I glanced at the door leading to the private area. The owner of the building had gone through it to start the blindfolded dating event for shifters, but he'd come back too soon. Then he'd announced the event was cancelled for tonight and sent everyone home. My coworkers huddled behind the bar, gossiping about the sudden change. I hated people… or shifters in my personal space. It was normal for another bartender to work in the same spot, but I drew the limit at four servers standing in my way.

Hence why I, the only human employed at The Bar, volunteered to bus tables despite the risk to my own life. Dodging frustrated, horny shifters didn't fall into my skill set. Especially when said shifters were wannabe alphas desperate to find a mate.

Felix waved all the employees over. I'm sorry about tonight. Whatever you made last week, I'll double it. Then he handed me a sheet of paper. Review this, then you're good.

What happened? Carly's eyes were wide as she tried to get news on the drama.

They cancelled tonight. Felix's mate beckoned to him. Don't worry about locking up, I'll come back and take care of it. Just make sure everyone on this side leaves, then you're free to go. He joined Luna by the door to the private area.

Oh my god, did you hear that? Carly whispered in a voice anyone could hear. Do you think the council shut them down again? I didn't see a single male go through the door.

I have to tell my brother. He's held out for years waiting for his fated mate. Jasmine clapped her hands together.

I couldn't listen to them anymore. Taking up my station behind the bar, I washed and rinsed glasses. Next week I'd talk to Felix and request to no longer work the dating event shifts. The last few months had changed me. Instead of looking forward to the future, I'd grown jaded when it came to love. At every event, someone found their fated mate. A Tsigo, or the soul near their own when the shifter gods created the universe. At least, that's what they believed.

Since Felix bought the building from the previous owner's estate auction, I'd seen an entirely different world than the one I'd known before. All this new knowledge brought with it the one thing I could never have. A fated mate.

I cleaned up the bar and put away the fruit garnishes. Female shifters were rare. So rare that their population declined more every year. Males were mating humans to help, but the councils were divided. The council had tried to shut down the dating events because they promoted

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