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Whatever one does throughout his or her life is hard to be defi ned asgood or bad as it appears to be, or how much impact it had on anything,in a sense that it will be remembered and appreciated. It has been said thatwhatever one’s life had left behind is worthwhile, but ironically most of thepeople don’t leave anything behind themselves. Therefore are they lessvaluable than others? There are also people that leave too much behindthemselves, and that is not necessary in a good way. History is full of manmadedisasters, pain, and suff ering. Most people that sacrifi ce everything inlife for a moment of happiness for themselves or others do not even think offame or grati tude, they just think that was the right thing to do.This book is about my life experience; it is also about the humansacrifi ce, the life as we know it, and about the tens of thousands of peoplethat lived similar experiences but not necessarily with the same outcome.
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