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Sarah Palin is in touch with the average Americans. That is because of what she is. The people that surround Palin are common sense Americans who just want the government on their side and not riding on their backs or telling them what is best for them. Palin tweets to reach out to the common American. This book is written in simple language to help educate some of the voters about what is going on now and what can be done to make our country a much better place. We need to return to “America the Beautiful” Compared to our last 4 presidents, a President Palin would be a breath of fresh air, a true conservative, American citizen and stateswoman like our founding fathers intended and if you listen to her, you will fi nd her right on the mark. Plus, she’s got the guts to go up against the crooked people who are trying to bring this nation to its knees. What more could we ask for?
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