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Groundskeeper Wanted
Groundskeeper Wanted
Groundskeeper Wanted
Ebook151 pages1 hour

Groundskeeper Wanted

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About this ebook

Harper and Nick are living the dream—happily married and running a B&B set on 100 acres of rainforest, their life is perfect except for the fact there’s a bit too much work for two.

When Nick places an ad in the local paper looking for someone to help out the last person Harper expects to see is Cliff, her high school sweetheart. He’s perfect for the job, and Nick hires him.

But Harper and Cliff still have feelings for each other, and time has only made those feelings stronger.

Nick is more than open to the idea of a threesome, but sharing Harper was never in Cliff’s plans.

Can Harper convince Cliff it’s a good idea and keep both men? Or is the whole situation better as a fantasy to act out inside her head?

READER ADVISORY: Groundskeeper Wanted is a steamy M/F/M romance with a Happy-Ever-After for everyone involved.

PUBLISHER NOTE: M/F/M Ménage Romance. 34,000 words.

Release dateMar 22, 2021
Groundskeeper Wanted
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Heather Kinnane

Heather Kinnane is an Australian author who writes steamy stories in almost every genre. She is a regular contributor to The Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette, where she squeezes her erotic stories into flash fiction – all below 800 words. Her previous publications include the short A Faery Dream and its full-length sequel A Faery Union. Living ‘Under Down Under’ in the island state of Tasmania, when she’s not writing Heather is busy with her ever growing family. She fills her spare time reading, daydreaming, and walking through the bush surrounding her home. For more information about Heather’s writing, you can visit her website at www.heatherkinnane.com, or else come and say hello on Facebook!

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    Book preview

    Groundskeeper Wanted - Heather Kinnane


    Ready? One, two, three, heave!

    Harper gripped the slippery bark of the branch, her back straining as she pulled against the weight of the tree.

    Beside her, her husband Nick was doing the same, the tendons in his wrist standing out as he tugged the branch further up.

    A loud crack echoed through the bush, and Harper’s body lurched backwards as her feet slipped out from beneath her. She dropped into the mud, the slim tree branch landing across her chest.

    Shit! Honey, are you all right?

    Harper glanced up into Nick’s pale blue eyes, a deep crease marking his brow.

    He lifted the branch and threw it off the side of the driveway, holding out his hand to help her up.

    I’m okay. She mentally checked herself over. Except for a wet butt.

    We’ll have to get you out of those pants then. He wiggled his eyebrows and Harper laughed.

    Mmm, yes. But not here.

    He pulled her close and pressed his lips against hers. I thought you liked making love in the great outdoors. His voice was a low growl, and a delightful shiver travelled Harper’s spine.

    You know . . . She cupped his groin and gave it a squeeze, leaving a trail of kisses down his neck as she replied, I’m up . . . for almost . . . anything. She nuzzled into the small patch of hair on his chest, exposed because his top two buttons were open. But I’m wet, and cold, and muddy, and I really just want to get this done so I can shower and get into some clean clothes.

    He moaned as she stroked his cock through his jeans. You’re so wicked.

    She pulled away and gave him her most mischievous smirk. You love it.

    He laughed. I do.

    Unfortunately, it’s not going to help us get this tree off the driveway.

    Nick sighed, turning to survey the tree, his hands on his hips.

    Of all the days to run out of petrol for the chainsaw. Harper turned to sit her wet backside against the trunk. We need to hire someone else to help you with all this stuff.

    Nick raised an eyebrow. You just want a good strong bloke to act out your three-some fantasy with, he teased.

    That could be a bonus. Harper laughed. But seriously, I don’t have the strength for this sort of thing—

    You’re strong enough, Nick objected, but Harper shook her head.

    Not for this. And besides, there’s so much other stuff that needs to be done. I had planned to plant those seedlings in the hothouse today, and the chicken hutch needs fresh straw, and I still haven’t cleaned cabin one yet.

    We don’t have anyone booked in for a couple of days though, right?

    No. She frowned. But that’s hardly the point. What if someone turned up? We should be ready for unexpected guests.

    Nick reached out to run a finger down Harper’s cheek. You’re so sexy when you’re annoyed.

    She brushed his hand away but couldn’t hide a smile.

    You can’t get out of it that easy, Nick Sutton. If we ever get this tree out of the way, I want you to put the word out that we’re hiring.

    You think someone will want to travel all the way out here from town every day?

    Harper shook her head. I’ll clear out the bedsit downstairs. They can live there while they’re working for us.

    What? Nick’s eyebrows raised. You’d be happy to share a house with a stranger? You don’t think that will be weird?

    The bedsit is completely self-contained. Harper scrunched up her nose. It’ll be fine.

    ~ ♥ ~

    Looking for Groundskeeper for Boutique Eco Bed and Breakfast.

    Accommodation provided onsite. Pref. Single. Long-term commitments possible.

    Harper scanned the local paper, her gaze falling on Nick’s ad.

    She snorted coffee all over the table.

    What the hell?

    What’s wrong? Nick called from the deck, where he was enjoying his own breakfast.

    She strode across the room, reading the ad aloud. ‘Preferably single, long-term commitments possible.’ You’ll have everyone thinking we’ve split and I’m looking for some sort of rebound lover.

    What? Nick laughed. I meant long-term work.

    You wrote, ‘preferably single!

    Well, we can hardly house a family underneath us. That bedsit is tiny. It’d be a squeeze even for a couple.

    Harper shook her head, her face burning. You’re a worry, Nick Sutton.

    He grinned, reaching out to pull her into an embrace. But you love me.

    She tilted her head to press her lips against his. You’re lucky I do, she murmured. I couldn’t have put up with you this long otherwise.

    He grinned, but then his face turned serious. Did you see the news about the virus?

    Harper shook her head. Virus? She flicked to the front page. She always started reading the paper at the end, to avoid all the drama that was usually spread throughout the first few pages.

    Virus kills 1000 people in one week.

    Damn. She scanned the article. That’s scary. I feel awful for all those people.

    I heard on the radio this morning it’s spreading.


    Yeah. It’s been found in at least four different countries now.

    Harper glanced back at the article and shook her head. I hope it doesn’t make it here.

    You and me both. Nick shook his head. They’re talking about putting places into lockdown to stop the spread.

    Lockdown, hey? Harper put the paper down. Just you and me, for weeks on end. How would we cope? She smirked, and Nick laughed.

    It’d be a tragedy. No guests to interrupt our days, no need to clean cabins, or take people on guided walks through the bush, how would we ever fill our time?

    Harper dropped the paper next to Nick’s breakfast and sat on his knees, wrapping her arms around his shoulders.

    We’d just have to stay in bed all day. She pressed her lips against his, and he slid his hands underneath her top to hold her waist.

    He grinned. How terrible.


    Harper pulled the last weed from the tomato patch, and sat back, wiping the sweat from her brow with the back of her hand.

    The sun was resting just above the tree canopy, a sure sign it was time to head inside and start on dinner, though she would have much preferred to stay in the garden. But she couldn’t very well not cook, especially as she and Nick shared that duty and tonight was her turn.

    She put away the fork and rake and headed towards the house.

    We’re on one-hundred acres of rainforest here at Glendon. Nick’s voice carried across the lawn.

    Nice, another deep voice replied.

    Harper frowned. I didn’t think we had any guests booked in today?

    It is! There are a few walking trails for guests to follow, one links in with a day walk up the mountain, another leads to the river so you can be swimming in about five minutes’ walk in that direction, and if you follow the river upstream there’s a waterfall. Aside from the general things that need to be maintained around the cabins and house you’ll also need to keep those tracks clear. We’re really flexible though—if you don’t mind being called to help with the surprise jobs, like fallen trees, then once you’ve finished your tasks for the day, you’re free to use the rest of the day as you will.

    Great. Sounds good.

    Someone must’ve replied to Nick’s ad. Harper paused at the base of the stairs to listen. There was something familiar about the voice.

    When can you start?

    I can start now if you need it. He laughed a deep chuckle that set Harper’s heart pounding.

    Could it be? Surely not.

    That’s keen! Nick’s beam was audible in his voice. We’ll give you a couple of days to get your stuff sorted and get settled in, say, Friday start?


    Feet clomped across the deck, and Harper glanced around for a place to hide. She wanted somewhere she could see exactly who her husband was talking to, without either of them seeing her. She needed to confirm she was being absolutely ridiculous.

    There was nowhere to hide.

    Two legs appeared on the deck in front of her, and she followed them with her gaze. Clad in worn blue jeans they led to a tight green T-shirt over the muscles of someone who clearly worked hard, wide hands with thumbs hooked into pockets. Further up light brown bristle surrounded lips she told herself she didn’t know. By the time she got to his pale blue eyes, she couldn’t deny it anymore. His gaze was just as intense as she remembered, sending fire tearing through her insides.

    She squeaked, her cheeks burning as she clamped a hand over her mouth. Cliff?

    His gaze held hers. Harper. Long time no see.

    She forced a laugh. Yeah. It’s been a while.

    You guys know each other already? Nick’s grin grew wider as he glanced at Harper. Perfect.

    You two are married then? Cliff finally tore his gaze from Harper’s to look at Nick. You’re a very lucky man.

    Nick laughed, his eyes crinkling in the corners as he held Harper’s gaze. That I am.

    Cliff’s gaze met Harper’s again. You’re all right with Nick hiring me?

    Harper fought to keep her expression neutral. The hiring is up to Nick. Not me. He’s the one who’ll be working with you most of the time.

    You sure?

    Harper shrugged. Why wouldn’t I be?

    Was that a flash of disappointment that just crossed his face? It disappeared too soon for Harper to be sure.

    All right. Cliff glanced at Nick. Well, I’ll get my gear packed up and I’ll head out on Friday.

    You don’t have much to pack then? Harper’s voice was still a pitch too high, and she cringed as Cliff’s gaze fell back on her face.

    He shrugged. I’ve been travelling since high school. Doing this sort of work, mostly. He watched her as he spoke. Was hoping to find a place to settle down, as far away from here as possible, but I never found something I loved enough to commit to.

    So, you’re back to stay? Why was her

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