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A beautiful, lavishily illustrated new collection of the most inspiring, everday recipes from Elizabeth David—the culinary genius who revolutionized British cooking, introducing a dreary post-war nation to the sun-drenched tastes and delights of the Mediterranean.

Praise from Ruth Reichl:

"[Elizabeth David] was James Beard, Julia Child, and MFK Fisher rolled into one. There's never been anyone like Elizabeth David, and there undoubtedly never will be. She has so much more to tell us than merely how to cook. Her recipes are simple, sensuous and intuitive. They combine taste, texture and color. But reading between the lines you come to understand that what Elizabeth David is really saying is to savor every minute of your life."

- Ruth Reichl

Praise from Alice Waters

I first read Elizabeth David's books when I was a young student living in London in the late 1960s-and fell wholly in love. Everything about her felt real to me: Her honest recipes, enticing prose, and maybe most of all, her unflagging integrity. Countless times, I pored over favorite passages for Provençal lunches, and prepared as many of her dishes as I could in my tiny makeshift kitchen. I still have those books: Little paperbacks with taped-together spines, splattered with olive oil [the margins of their yellowed pages punctuated with my penciled exclamation points.] I wanted my restaurant to be exactly like the pictures on their covers. Forty 40 years later, I am still surprised every time I read an Elizabeth David sentence; she defines what it is to be a true food writer, and her words are timeless. This beautiful illustrated anthology reveals her bright spirit-she is the vision of life around the table, wineglass in hand. She defends the authentic and the seasonal, and champions simplicity and beauty in the kitchen.

- Alice Waters
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