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Journal with Purpose Layout Ideas 101: Over 100 inspiring journal layouts plus 500 writing prompts
Journal with Purpose Layout Ideas 101: Over 100 inspiring journal layouts plus 500 writing prompts
Journal with Purpose Layout Ideas 101: Over 100 inspiring journal layouts plus 500 writing prompts
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Journal with Purpose Layout Ideas 101: Over 100 inspiring journal layouts plus 500 writing prompts

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About this ebook

The ultimate guide to journaling, packed with prompts and ideas to spark creativity. 
For many people who want to keep a journal, the fear of the blank page can be a very real stumbling block, but is definitely something that can be resolved. In this essential guide, journaling expert Helen Colebrook offers up all her knowledge, tips and tricks to ensure you get truly bitten by the journaling bug. 
Through 101 layout examples, Helen shows you how to approach the design of a myriad of different journal pages, from mood trackers to gratitude spreads, monthly cover pages, daily, weekly and monthly planners, lists, project planners and more. She also covers ideas for junk journaling, adding watercolour to your journal and other ways to develop the artistic side of your journaling.
This is a book that will be a constant companion, that you can use for inspiration whenever you need some new ideas for a fresh layout. But it's not just about the aesthetics of your journal – alongside the layouts Helen gives helpful prompts that will make you think about what you are journaling as much as how. These include thoughtful prompts and exercises to get you started on self-reflection and help you make writing a daily habit, alongside creative prompts to get your creative juices flowing. 
There are no end of ways to get creative in your journal and it can become a hugely relaxing and rewarding part of the process. The beauty of journaling is that there is no right or wrong, but sometimes we all need a little help and inspiration to help us get the most of this fulfilling hobby. 
This beautiful book is the perfect companion to Helen's debut book, Journal with Purpose, and alongside her YouTube tutorials and blog, will ensure you have all the tools and ideas you need to make your journal a thing of beauty and personal truth. 

With 101 layout ideas and 500 journal prompts... there's nothing stopping you from journaling with purpose too!
Release dateApr 13, 2021
Journal with Purpose Layout Ideas 101: Over 100 inspiring journal layouts plus 500 writing prompts
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Helen Colebrook

Helen Colebrook did not think of herself as creative until she found her ‘thing’ – creative journaling – and began her blog Journal with Purpose where she shares her passion for all things journal-related. Helen runs six-week creative journaling workshops and her journal pages have been featured widely in the press. She has collaborated with Cult Pens, Rhodia, Staedtler UK, Derwent and Manuscript.

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    Book preview

    Journal with Purpose Layout Ideas 101 - Helen Colebrook

    Be Grateful

    One of the most significant benefits that I have experienced from keeping a journal is the ability to focus more easily on the good things in life. Every month I set up some gratitude pages in my journal, ready for me to write in every evening. Not only is it a lovely habit to establish, but I also find that it encourages me to look out for those positive moments throughout the day.

    Sometimes, there are really significant events that I can record, but most days, it is more a case of simply recognizing the little things that can so easily go unnoticed. Examples of my gratitude entries include: the smell of fresh coffee, chatting with a friend, sunshine coming through the window or not getting stuck in traffic.

    It is easy to fall into the trap of saying we have had a bad day, and it is definitely true that some days are better than others, but I have yet to experience a day where there has not been at least one or two good things that have happened.

    Not only does it help to boost your mood when you focus on the positives, but you also get the extra benefit of being able to read back through your journal pages at any time, as a really happy reminder of all the good things.

    Keeping a gratitude journal can feel a little false at first, particularly if you are used to focusing more on things that are troubling you. It is worth sticking with it for a whole month, though, to see how much more naturally it comes to you over a period of time.

    There are lots of fun ways to set up gratitude pages, and I have included some of my favourite methods in this section.

    Layout #1

    Layout #2

    Layout #3

    Layout #4

    Layout #5


    When you are having a tough day, it can sometimes be hard to change your mindset back to gratitude. However, it is on these days in particular that you will gain the most benefit from doing so. If you are struggling for inspiration, these prompts should help you to focus on the good things.

    1. Who are you most grateful for in your life right now, and why?

    2. What lessons are you grateful to have learnt through difficult times?

    3. Which activities do you most enjoy doing?

    4. What household items make your life easier?

    5. Which TV programmes or films do you most enjoy watching?

    6. Write down the places you are most grateful to have visited and why.

    7. What are you most thankful for today?

    8. Which moments made you smile?

    9. Write down the name of a song or musician that always makes you feel better.

    10. Which foods do you most enjoy eating?

    11. What sounds have you heard today that make you happy?

    12. Are there any books that have had a really positive impact on your life?

    13. Which comedians always make you laugh?

    14. Write down something about your body that you are thankful for.

    15. Who has helped you with something important?

    16. Which memories make you smile?

    17. What is your favourite smell, and why?

    18. What are you most looking forward to?

    19. When you are outside, or looking out of your window, what do you most enjoy seeing?

    20. What positive impact were you able to make on the world today, even if only in a small way?

    21. What opportunities do you have in your life that some people do not?

    22. What choices do you have the freedom to make?

    23. Which small pleasures mean the most to you?

    24. What do you love about this time of year?

    25. What thing do you most enjoy about your job?

    26. Where do you feel safe?

    27. Think about a goal or dream you have set for yourself. Write down what makes you grateful to have this particular goal to work towards.

    Track Those Habits


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