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Entering Eternity with Ease: A Spirituality for Any Pandemic
Entering Eternity with Ease: A Spirituality for Any Pandemic
Entering Eternity with Ease: A Spirituality for Any Pandemic
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Entering Eternity with Ease: A Spirituality for Any Pandemic

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About this ebook

From the Epilogue:  

"We can have eternal life right now, just as Jesus has eternal life right now, through his 'resurrected presence' among those who love him. The rest of us will not have millions of believers and followers who will follow us down the centuries. That is why it is so

PublisherOmnibook Co.
Release dateMay 11, 2020
Entering Eternity with Ease: A Spirituality for Any Pandemic
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Sal Umana

Sal Umana, a second-generation Sicilian-American, was born in Boston, in 1929, of parents who were Italian citizens, which makes him a de jure citizen of Italy, and therefore of the European Union. He attended Boston Latin School (the oldest public school in the U.S., founded in 1635), and instead of automatically going to Harvard, he went to a seminary and became a Catholic priest. After a varied career of 24 years working in 49 States, in Canada, in Italy, and the Caribbean, he left the active priesthood to become a psychotherapist and author. He is the author of The Midlife Crisis as a Crisis of Meaning, The Day God Died, The Day My Ego Died, and Back to Earth, as the third book of The Twin Towers Trilogy. Now, at age 91, Sal is dying his way into eternity, and learning that "dying every day is already eternal life."

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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    Book preview

    Entering Eternity with Ease - Sal Umana


    Also by Sal Umana

    The Midlife Crisis as a Crisis of Meaning

    The Twin Towers Trilogy:

    The Day God Died

    The Day My Ego Died

    Back to Earth







    A Spirituality for

    Any Pandemic

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    To my wife, (Margaret) Peggy Crehan Umana, who has so far put up with me for thirty-seven years.

    To all those, especially my parents and siblings, at whose deaths I assisted.

    To Jeanne O’Brien Weigel, the last voyager into eternity whom I reluctantly assisted while writing this book.

    To All My Fellow Earthlings, and that is, every one of You, who suffer in one way or another from the Coronavirus Pandemic.



    What if you thought of it

    as the Jews consider the Sabbath —

    the most sacred of times?

    Cease from travel.

    Cease from buying and selling.

    Give up, just for now,

    on trying to make the world

    different than it is.

    Sing. Pray. Touch only those

    to whom you commit your life.

    Center down.

    And when your body has become still,

    reach out with your heart.

    Know that we are connected

    in ways that are terrifying and beautiful.

    Know that our lives

    are in one another’s hands.

    Do not reach out your hands.

    Reach out your heart.

    Reach out your words.

    Reach out all the tendrils

    of compassion that move, invisibly,

    where we cannot touch.

    Promise this world your love —

    for better or for worse,

    in sickness and in health,

    so long as we all shall live.

    Lynn Ungar









    Chapter 1

    My First Impressions of Death

    Chapter 2

    Who is Going to Die First?

    Chapter 3

    The Denial of Death

    Chapter 4

    The Denial of Life

    Chapter 5

    Pilgrimage to Eternity

    Chapter 6

    What Does It Mean to be Human?

    Chapter 7

    Original Sin vs Original Blessing

    Chapter 8

    Grief, Mourning and Loss

    Chapter 9

    The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World

    Chapter 10

    No Difference Between Life and Death

    Chapter 11

    The Experience of Limitless Belonging and Meditation

    Chapter 12

    …At the Hour of Our Death. Amen.

    Chapter 13

    I Am Ready to Die

    Chapter 14

    Me and Kübler-Ross

    Chapter 15

    The Mystical Experience of Eternal Life

    Chapter 16

    Fear of Hell and Atheism

    Chapter 17

    To be Born, to Live, and to Die: Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, and the Right to Die

    Chapter 18

    Our Hearts Will Never Rest Until They Rest in Thee

    Chapter 19

    Living and Dying without Ego

    Chapter 20

    The Miracle of Mindfulness

    Chapter 21

    Dying for The Super Aging: The New Normal




    About the Author


    I would like to thank everybody and everything who has ever acknowled